Summary of Major Ideas:

Letting go of harmful and meaningless activities and thoughts is necessary for true freedom and self-value.

  • 00:00 The process of unburdening is about letting go of things that are unnecessary, harmful or meaningless. Many activities that we do physically, and many process of thought we have – are harmful to us. You can’t get where you are going from where you are, until this unburdening begins to occur.
  • 01:13 This is not initiated by self realization – it takes something more powerful, like a crisis. You look at your life and you know you cannot live that life anymore.  It takes a crisis to move your life if you haven’t moved much before.
  • 02:00 People become so acclimated to where they are and how they are, that they think they are ok – compared to other people at least – but they are not ok, they are just acclimated.
  • 02:40 Everyone wants to avoid crisis, but sometimes crisis is the best thing because it can get you moving in the right direction.