For thousands of years, humanity has looked into the night sky and wondered: Who is out there? Now we have a chance to look into that night sky and experience for ourselves the reality and spirituality of life beyond our world. Life in the Universe is a window into the story of our universe: the realities of trade, travel and conflict within a “Greater Community” of intelligent life; the birth and death of civilizations across the stars; and the plan and purpose of the Creator that oversees the spiritual progress of life in all galaxies.

Life in the Universe alerts and prepares us for life within this Greater Community of worlds. It is through this teaching that we can begin to understand and learn about the reality and spirituality of life in the universe. For the first time, we can venture beyond the confines of our world and into the vast arena of life into which we are emerging. This book is an open door to a human experience where we go beyond the limits of a purely human vantage point and immerse ourselves in this panorama of life in the Greater Community.

Life in the Universe is the second book of Volume 5 of The New Message.

Table of Contents