The Power of Knowledge reveals the reality of “Knowledge”, the deeper spiritual mind within, and presents the reality of your spiritual nature, the crisis of living apart from this deeper nature, and how you can begin the journey of healing the division between your thinking mind and your deeper mind. To heal this division and develop a more direct experience of Knowledge, the book Steps to Knowledge provides a daily practice to deepen this connection and apply it in your life.

The journey of finding and following Knowledge brings you back to your purpose for being in the world, the memory of those who sent you, and the contribution you are meant to give as the world emerges into a Greater Community of intelligent life and faces environmental, political, and social upheaval. Through developing Knowledge, a process begins that has the power to free you from the past and prepare you for a new life in a radically different future.

The Power of Knowledge is the fifth book in Volume 1 of The New Message.

Table of Contents