Functional Spirituality

Gain access to a spiritual intelligence that can guide you in all aspects of your life.

Spirituality is a process of making contact with your deeper spiritual nature so that you can receive its guidance for your life and ultimately integrate your thinking mind and your spiritual mind into a higher functioning whole.

What you need to know

Our world is facing immense environmental, social, and political challenges, and the need for inspired service and contribution is greater than ever before. However, this crisis in the world—and even in our personal lives—cannot be solved at the level of thinking and awareness that created them.

Instead, they call for us to expand our awareness of the context in which they exist and to gain access to our innate spiritual intelligence which can enable us to perceive these needs and challenges and address them in a whole new way..

This is a different approach than fearfully trying to help, fix, or solve the many needs and issues around us. This approach stems from a greater awareness of life, a greater perception and interaction of the events around us and a higher source of wisdom and guidance that naturally emanate from the spiritual mind we each possess.

Our inclination toward service and contribution in the world is intrinsic to who we are and reflects the clarity of mind and the deeper will we had before coming into the world. With more contributors guided by their spiritual intelligence and connected to this deeper will, a new set of solutions will naturally arise to meet the needs of the world and with this greater source of energy and inspiration to bring it about.

In an increasingly unstable world, developing a strong foundation in life has never been more important. The core of this foundation is the strength and stability of our relationships, health, and work. Yet equally important is our connection to the spiritual reality that underlies our existence in this world.

Becoming grounded in your deeper foundation gives you the mental and emotional resilience to face difficult situations and also serves as a source of protection from the negative influences and destructive forces that exist in the mental environment all around us.

There is a deeper intelligence within us that is able to guide us wisely in all life circumstances. This intelligence is not the superficial thinking mind we use to navigate our daily affairs, but rather an aspect of our deeper consciousness that is naturally calm, wise, and capable of responding to life in a dynamic way.

With this, we no longer need to escape the world to find reprieve in religion and spirituality. Instead, we can confront the world, withstand its pressures, and experience ourselves contributing a positive influence on others and the environment around us.

Functional spirituality is fundamentally about integrating this deeper intelligence into our lives, restoring our greater abilities, and stepping out into the world in a whole new way.

With a connection to Knowledge—this deeper spiritual intelligence—we are able to be in life with greater perception, deeper sensitivity, and a new source of wisdom to guide us in our daily affairs. Having this connection to our spiritual life hand-in-hand with our connection to the world enables a renewal of our interaction with people and relief from the anxiety, fear, and self-preoccupation that disable us from being present to the people and situations around us.

Instead of speaking and acting from our cultural conditioning or according to the influences of our environment, we are able to communicate from a deeper level of our being that is in tune with the needs of life around us, which can only have a positive effect on others.

With this, we find protection from the powerful waves of fear and aggression present in our world and are able to nurture a greater gift and find the unique situations that call this out of us. With Knowledge, relationships of higher purpose and arenas of inspired contribution are not only possible but a living reality that can fulfill not only the emotional and spiritual needs of others but also our own.

It is Knowledge—the deeper spiritual power in all people—that can inspire the actions and motivations of people to find their purpose in life and ultimately to support humanity in choosing unity and cooperation over competition, division, and war.

Our world is now emerging into a larger universe of intelligent life, representing a major evolutionary step forward for the human race. In the next several decades, our response to both Contact and the environmental, economic, and political crises facing humanity will determine the future of our world.

Our spiritual intelligence is completely in tune with these larger events and with the larger movement of life in the world, as well as beyond it. By becoming connected to this intelligence, we are able to not only perceive these greater movements but also contribute specifically and powerfully to their core and urgent need.

As changes accelerate for humanity and everyone seeks a safe passage through uncertain times, the world will need people who can contribute at this level. Here, our spirituality and spiritual practice are not simply a pastime or escape from the harsh realities of life but vital sources of energy that can address those realities head-on.

Experiencing your life with your spiritual intelligence establishes a point of reference outside the body and the mind. With this reference point, we are able to perceive ourselves and the world in entirely new ways, which begins to establish a healthy relationship with ourselves and then naturally extends to our relationship with life around us.

Our individual transformation will generate a profound impact on our human world, and here our spirituality is as much for the world as it is for us.

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There is a mysterious force within the individual that creates its own pressure like a volcano that wants to erupt, building up its internal pressure. This is the power of personal revelation that is growing strength in the individual, particularly as the individual begins to learn of it and consider it and to realize they are here for a greater purpose, not simply to survive and to secure comforts or to indulge in fantasies, but they are here to serve in a greater way.

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Practicing stillness is essential if you are to experience the deeper movement of your life and to receive the guidance of Knowledge within yourself in preparing for a world undergoing great change. Here you will be going beneath the surface of your mind to experience quieter levels of thought or even no thought at all. This is extremely restful and rejuvenating. There are four important elements to build a meditation practice of this kind.

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When you are experiencing disappointment, the first key is acceptance. Do not fight it. There always is a relief in this. The second key point is alertness, becoming alert to what is happening. The third key point is leaving the explanation open. The fourth key point is mourning for the loss and the last key point is committing yourself to action. So, let us talk about each of these.

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There are three stages in the process of seeing, knowing and acting. There is seeing a sign. Something stimulates you. You recognize something must be done. There is a time to contemplate, a time of knowing what this is, feeling the need to take it into your mind and your heart. Then there is a time of action.

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There is a prevailing attitude in the world today that everything is quite relative to your perspective and viewpoint. People will say, “Well, that’s just one way of looking at it. There are other ways to look at it.” And while this holds true, it does not represent the truth. In other words, different viewpoints do yield different perceptions, but there is actually something beyond your viewpoint in order to see and to know.

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