The Pure Religion is a book revealing the deeper heart and meaning of the world’s religions and the power and presence of God, which seeks to speak to people of all faith traditions or no faith tradition. It is a timeless and expansive expression of God that is given to all worlds in the universe where intelligent life exists. It reflects the pure spirituality that lies at the heart of all the world’s religions and the heart of religious expression throughout the universe.

The Pure Religion reveals that no single religion can claim to be the only true religion. Instead, there is the pure and mysterious call of God to each person whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, a person of another faith or no particular faith. This is an inner calling to each person to go beyond the confines of belief and enter a life of deeper experience, relationship and purpose in the world as we encounter the reality of living in a universe replete with intelligent life.

The Pure Religion is the eighth book of Volume 1 of The New Message.

Watch Marshall Vian Summers and Reed Summers presentThe Pure Religion in the following 2019 broadcast.

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