World Change

Learn how to navigate the converging forces of social, political and planetary change reshaping our world.

Great Waves of change are coming to the world, change on a level never seen before, change that will affect every person in the world, as humanity has plundered the world and has destroyed your natural inheritance to such a great degree that the world will change now, becoming a more difficult place for the human family.

What you need to know

We are living in a period of unprecedented global change. Environmental degradation, resource depletion, economic instability, and other emerging crises are converging and intensifying at this time, creating “Great Waves of Change” that are having a profound effect on the stability of our societies and threatening the survival of the human species in the future.

At the same time, other forms of intelligent life in the universe are making contact with our human civilization. This contact has been taking place for over 80 years and represents an incursion into our world by unknown forces from beyond. Our isolation in the universe is over and this represents a major challenge and threshold in the evolution of humanity.

These are the two biggest events in human history. Together they have the power to reshape our world and either undermine our global civilization or bring about a level of unity and cooperation between peoples and nations as never before. What else could unite our fractured world but the collapse of our Earth’s environment and contact with other forms of intelligent life?

These two events will create a new world reality which we will need to learn to navigate. The public revelation of Contact with alien life and the destruction of our world’s environment could lead to growing conflict and also to a profound disturbance of our human “mental environment,” which will take an increasing toll on the health and well-being of individuals and society as a whole.

In this new reality, our traditional approaches to solving problems—including technological innovation and economic growth—will not be sufficient to address the scale and complexity of the challenges we will face. However, we do have the potential to go beyond our longstanding political, cultural, and religious conflicts to establish a stable and sustainable life in the world and a greater participation with the universe around us. In fact, this is the promise of the human race: to emerge from isolation, to resolve our petty differences and step into the universe as a single, united human family.

To do this, we need to cultivate our greater human intelligence. This greater intelligence—what the New Message calls “Knowledge”—can bring stability to our personal and collective mental environments and support our health and relationships as we go through difficult events. With access to this greater intelligence, it is possible for each person to find their contribution to the world utilizing their unique nature and design.

The problems of our world cannot be solved at the level of thinking that created them, and this is why our innate human intelligence is so important now. We each possess higher capabilities of human intelligence that can perceive the root cause of our human dilemmas and enable us to address them through original insight and personal revelation from a higher source. It is only through contact with this higher aspect of our intelligence that we can address the most fundamental root of these problems and be guided in how to support their resolution in the most direct and powerful way.

The potential exists for each person to become a contributor in the world. This desire to serve and contribute is intrinsic to our deeper nature and reflects the clarity of vision and true will we had before coming into the world. Without more contributors guided by their human spiritual intelligence, the many solutions needed in our world will not arise and contact with intelligent life will not be perceived correctly and responded to in the best interests of the human species. Without greater individual contribution, our human civilization will begin to buckle under the weight of too many converging crises.

Without the individual, without Knowledge and without the inner preparation to bring forward our greater contribution, hope for humanity fades, and the world will continue in its relentless course toward a highly destructive future, despite even our best political and technological efforts to improve life on Earth.

If we can bring this greater intelligence to the fore—cultivate it within ourselves and take the steps to integrate it into our daily lives—we each can be part of a greater force for good in the world. The inspired actions and decisions of every person, both now and in the years ahead, can combine to create such a positive force in the world, and it is to empower and ensure this outcome that the New Message and the Steps to Knowledge are being made available.

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The seas will rise. Within the next century and a half, they will rise over a hundred feet. Where are you going to live? What will happen to your ports and cities and your prime farmland? What will happen to the deltas of the world and the millions who live there? Who will take them in when they must flee their nation, unable to survive there any longer? It is this you must consider.

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You are witnessing chaotic events in the world. Imagine yourself being in those events, surviving those events. Let them teach you what you would have to do, how you would have to prepare and think, what would be the wisest course of action. Let these terrible and unsettling events instruct you. Do not simply avoid them, or be horrified by them, or indulge in your own fears and fantasies. Instead, allow them to instruct you, for they are preparing you for the new world—a new world disorder, a new world instability.

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The future world will have to be built from the ashes of the old world and from the desire, compassion and wisdom of those who can see and who recognize that humanity is turning a great corner and passing through a great threshold at this time. For the future world that will be greater than your past will have to be approached through a very difficult and dangerous time of transition...

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Everything you do now needs to be part of an ethical foundation. Everything you buy, everything you consume, everything that you use must be done with greater conscience and greater awareness. It is not enough for wealthy nations to simply give charity to nations that are in crisis, or where starvation is occurring.

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There are three factors that will generate the forging of a world community. The first factor is that this is the stage in history where your world emerges into the Greater Community of Worlds, which it is destined to do, both from its own explorations and from the timely visits of many cultures from beyond.

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People who live in the past cannot experience the present and cannot understand the future. And every new experience they have is simply used to fit into the past, to add to their collection of ideas, beliefs and assumptions, and to fortify them as well. Their lives become relics as a result, museum pieces of their own personal history. There is nothing alive, nothing fresh and nothing vital there. Instead, people only amass recollections. Their pain is entrenched, and their decisions have become hard like concrete.

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