You are witnessing chaotic events in the world. Imagine yourself being in those events, surviving those events. Let them teach you what you would have to do, how you would have to prepare and think, what would be the wisest course of action. Let these terrible and unsettling events instruct you. Do not simply avoid them, or be horrified by them, or indulge in your own fears and fantasies. Instead, allow them to instruct you, for they are preparing you for the new world—a new world disorder, a new world instability.

Even geologically, the planet is becoming more unstable. It is affected by the events on the surface and by greater celestial bodies in the physical universe. Humanity has altered the circumstances of life through reckless abuse and overuse of the world’s resources and by polluting the world’s airs and waters and soils.

Now you are going to have to face the consequences and establish a new foundation, a sustainable foundation, for living in the world. This will require a change of heart, a change in thought, a change in activity so profound that most people do not even want to consider it, or they think that it is not possible.

But nature itself will teach you that it is not only possible but necessary. Nature is changing the terms of engagement in the world.”

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