The New World presents the environmental, political and social instability we are now facing and the vision of a future world where decisions that support and advance human civilization are given priority over the struggle to obtain and secure resources to the detriment of peoples and nations worldwide. This book strikes a resounding warning about humanity’s rapid depletion and degradation of the Earth, its climate and its environment, and the urgent actions we must take, individually and collectively, to both restore our planet and prepare for new world conditions into the future.

This book reveals the plight of humanity and the deeper causes of the growing worldwide tragedy of conflict, poverty and oppression. It outlines the pressing need to support and build global security as we face our greatest trials. The New World is the prelude to The Great Waves of Change, which presents in greater detail the challenges we will face individually and the pathway of inner and outer preparation available to each person.

Several chapters of The New World were received in locations of growing conflict and instability, including in Beirut, Aleppo and Tehran.

The New World is the seventh book of Volume 1 of The New Message.

Table of Contents