What is The Society?

The Society for the New Message was founded in 1992 by Marshall Vian Summers who saw a need for an organization to archive, publish and present publicly the over 9000 pages of revealed text and audio he had received over a many-year period. The Society is a 501(c)(3) religious nonprofit organization and today employs 7 staff and 104 volunteers in 25 countries; as well as 64 translators working in 30 languages. 

The Society is financially supported by the donations of students of the New Message and receives no sponsorship or revenue from any government or religious organization.

Presented here are the challenges we are seeking to address, our mission statement and the objectives we are setting out to further in the world.

The Challenge

  • Humanity is emerging out of its isolation in the universe and into participation in a “Greater Community” of intelligent life. This is the next evolutionary step for humanity and people are unaware and unprepared.
  • There is an Intervention into our world by forces from the universe who seek to undermine human sovereignty, to control the human race and to determine our future in the universe.
  • Humanity is rapidly destroying the habitability of Earth which both imperils our future survival and makes us vulnerable to intervention from the universe around us.
  • The immense potential for Knowledge—our human spiritual intelligence—is latent and undeveloped in the world and is the key element in enabling people to respond to the needs of the world and of our future in the universe. 

Our Mission

We are setting out to provide an education and preparation for humanity’s emergence into a universe of intelligent life and to expand human awareness and intelligence to make this possible.

What we are setting out to do

  • To present a revelation regarding our world’s emergence into a Greater Community of intelligent life and to support the world in facing the opportunities, challenges, risks and future implications this has for the human race.
  • To provide the awareness and education needed for people to respond to the reality of Contact in their lives and to gain the tools to integrate this reality mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • To teach about the power of Knowledge—our innate human intelligence—and its critical role in the survival of our human species.
  • To alert people to the presence of the Alien Intervention operating in our world and to educate people about the activities and purpose of this Intervention.
  • To alert people to the Great Waves of Change and to the New World reality this change will create as they converge and intensify in the future.
  • To teach a comprehensive preparation for Contact in the form of The Greater Community Way of Knowledge and Greater Community Spirituality
  • To bring Greater Community Knowledge and Wisdom into the world and support certain people’s realization of their deeper, personal connection to life beyond our world.
  • To provide the pathway in Steps to Knowledge and the practices in the Way of Knowledge and to encourage people’s engagement with Knowledge in their lives so that they discover and bring forward their contribution to the world at this time.


Reed Summers

Reed Summers is the Director of The Society and guides The Society organizationally in its overall outreach and educational mission.

Reed is a prolific writer and speaker on the UFO/UAP issue and works to alert and prepare people for the reality of Contact while presenting a new understanding of our human evolution in a larger universe of intelligent life. 

He directly oversees 20 coordinators who manage the 6 departments and 32 areas of The Society’s work, which engages over 100 formal volunteers worldwide. With this, he also directs the overall strategic vision for the organization and provides teaching and direction to students around the world through The School of the New Message.

Learn more about Reed at reedsummers.com or follow him on YouTube and Twitter/X.

Marshall Vian Summers

Marshall Vian Summers is the founder of The Society and the recipient of the texts and teachings of the New Message. For over 40 years he has been receiving a series of revelations to prepare humanity for the environmental, social and political changes converging in the world and for humanity’s contact with intelligent life in the universe.

Marshall is engaged in broadcasting this message worldwide and has traveled worldwide and presented broadly in order to do this. Marshall is also the recipient of a set of briefings from a group of planetary observers focused on uncovering the alien presence in our world today.

He has dedicated his life to receiving the New Message and working on the project of compiling the revelations of the New Message into a single text, which today spans 9000 pages of revealed communication from a higher source. 

See the full library of Marshall’s teachings at marshallsummers.com or follow him on YouTube and Twitter/X.

Patricia Summers

Patricia Summers met Marshall in 1983, nearly a decade before the existence of The Society. From the earliest days of his Angelic contacts, she has closely assisted Marshall in his work of receiving the New Message and shouldering the growing responsibility of presenting it to people in the world.

For over three decades Patricia has played a key role in building the organization of The Society to where it is today, guiding it through many challenges and opportunities over its 30+ year history. 

Today she works with Reed and Marshall in setting the strategic direction for The Society, preparing the books of the New Message for publication and presenting its teaching and deeper pathway of preparation in the Way of Knowledge. In addition, she is one of the primary instructors of The School of New Message, offering essential wisdom, inspiration and direction to students worldwide.


The Volunteers of The Society are an inspired community of people who play an enormous role in enabling The Society’s work and mission. Volunteers are students of the teachings of the New Message who reside around the world offering their time, skills and availability on projects big and small, staffing projects and guiding the teams of the organization. 

There are currently 106 volunteers in 26 countries working with The Society.


Over time students of the New Message in countries around the world have stepped forward to undertake the translation of the over 9000 pages of the English New Message text into their native languages. As active students of the New Message, each translator is able to use their deeper understanding and comprehension of this revelation to undertake the challenging task of rendering its core truth and essence in another language.

Further translation assistance is always welcomed to extend the reach of the New Message in the world, by either continuing with languages already underway or by beginning to translate into a new language not yet available. 

There are currently 64 translators of the New Message working in 35 languages

You can contact The Society at [email protected] to learn more.