…to sound a calling for unity among the world’s nations and religions, and to prepare humanity for a radically changing world and its destiny in a larger universe of intelligent life.


The New Message is a communication from a divine source received by Marshall Vian Summers over a 40-year period. 

This divine communication offers education, wisdom and awareness we can use to live successfully in a challenging new world and provides a pathway for developing our innate spiritual intelligence—what the New Message calls “Knowledge”— which holds the key to discovering and fulfilling each person’s unique contribution in service to humanity. 

The purpose of the New Message is to ignite this spiritual intelligence within humanity, to sound a calling for unity among the world’s nations and religions, and to prepare humanity for a radically changing world and its destiny in a larger universe of intelligent life.

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Over the last 40 years, Marshall Vian Summers has received a series of communications from an Angelic presence. These messages were spoken through him in a state of revelation which was audio recorded, transcribed and then later translated into over 35 languages. These encounters began in 1983 and continue to this day.

Ultimately this process of transmission would bring nearly 1000 revealed texts into the world, speaking on nearly every aspect of our lives but most importantly revealing our world’s emergence into a larger universe of life and a pathway for navigating and surviving the planetary challenges of our time.

Now contained in over 30 books, the texts of the New Message constitute a divine warning, blessing and preparation for our world that are available to people everywhere.

The New Message has come because of four fundamental crises now emerging in the world:

  1. Humanity is emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe. Contact is taking place by extraterrestrial forces from beyond our world at a time of major environmental and technological change. The New Message reveals the reality of those forces visiting our world and with it the greater context of how life works in the universe. With this, we can better understand humanity’s evolution in the cosmos and comprehend the current visitation to our world by non-human intelligences from the universe around us.
  2. Great Waves of environmental, social, and economic change are converging and escalating at this time, bringing with them the risk of war and human suffering on a scale never seen before. The New Message provides a new way forward for humanity and a pathway of inner and outer preparation that each person can use to strengthen their life and discover meaningful ways to contribute within this new world reality.
  3. A deep inner crisis is being felt by people everywhere—a disconnection from one’s spiritual reality and a loss of meaning, relationship and direction in life. The force of our individual and collective spiritual reality is the missing ingredient in addressing many of the problems we face and it is by integrating this spiritual force into our daily lives that we can contribute to the world in the most meaningful way. It will be the contribution of individuals guided by Knowledge—this innate spiritual intelligence—that will make all the difference in deciding the future outcome for humanity. 
  4. The religions of the world are deeply divided and in competition with each other and within themselves. Instead of supporting human unity and cooperation and the recognition of our common spirituality, religion is adding fuel to the raging conflicts in our world and is creating new waves of strife and division that are weakening the human family. The New Message further reveals the presence of God in the universe and speaks to the One Spirituality of our human family which is the underlying and unifying force that can restore respect, relationship and collaboration among our religious traditions.

We live at a turning point in human history. This is a time of unprecedented challenge and opportunity for everyone everywhere. Humanity is facing the risk of planetary environmental change, growing conflict and the fracturing of human political and social structures. This is challenging the human race like never before. It is also a time when Contact with life from beyond our world is occurring with dangerous implications for the human family. 

And yet at no other time has the opportunity for world unity and global cooperation been greater. What else could unite our world but the collapse of our environment and contact with other forms of intelligent life? 

The New Message calls us to focus on this opportunity and work towards a beneficial outcome for the human species. No matter where you were born, how you were raised, or what your current circumstances are, you are a part of this defining chapter in human history. 

The New Message teaches that we have each chosen to enter the world at this time to serve and contribute according to our deeper nature and design and according to our true will to support the direction and movement of life. Consider for yourself: “Is this what I need to do?”

The actions and decisions of every person, both now and in the years ahead, will make all the difference. It is to empower and inform our actions and decisions that the New Message is being made available.

The next few decades will determine much about the future of our world. In this short period of time, we will either choose a path forward of unity and cooperation or a path toward conflict and decline.

Our world is emerging into a larger universe of intelligent life. Contact with life beyond our world has been underway for decades and represents a major evolutionary threshold for the human race. We are not alone in the universe and must now take the essential steps beyond our divisions to become one human family to successfully engage within this larger arena of life. 

The New Message provides a revelation about the history of life and interaction in the universe and also gives us a vision of our human future in this larger environment. It teaches how each individual can begin to increase their level of awareness to become a participant in the inevitable evolution of humanity out of isolation and into engaging with the reality of extraterrestrial life from beyond our world.

The New Message provides a revelation about the work and purpose of the Creator in a universe that extends far beyond human history and origins. This provides us not only a picture of the reality of life beyond our world but also of how spirituality and divinity are experienced, practiced and shared in other worlds and between intelligent species in the universe itself. 

Humanity must become aware and prepared for the evolutionary event of Contact and this is what is now being provided in the form of a New Message.

To become a participant in this, each person has the opportunity to engage in a pathway of inner and outer development given through the New Message that provides wisdom they can use in all aspects of your life and concrete steps to cultivating their own Knowledge—the innate spiritual intelligence we all have—which can guide their life toward the fulfillment of their purpose in the world at this time.

Contact with intelligent life in the universe is the biggest event in human history and represents a truly new chapter in the human experience. Each of us is alive at this time in history to be a part of this change and contribute to a beneficial outcome for humanity.

Remarkably, you have arrived here and have found the New Message or perhaps it has found you. It is no accident that this is the case. It may seem like a mystery or a mere random chance, but in fact, there is a reason you have found the New Message at this time and this is connected to your path in life and the larger movement of life around you.

People like you are being called to awaken from self-concern and preoccupation and to prepare to become contributors in a world undergoing a profound evolutionary change. Here you have the opportunity to establish a truly new life—a life of purpose, relationship, and contribution toward a beneficial outcome for humanity as it faces its biggest evolutionary challenges.

Consider these questions:

— Do you feel that your life has a deeper and more mysterious substance that you have been seeking?

— Do you feel compelled to move beyond your mundane circumstances and preoccupations in order to participate in the larger movement of life in the world? 

— Do you feel there are specific people you must find whose purpose and destiny may be connected to yours? 

— Do you sense that the world is heading toward a difficult future and feel called to be a contributor in this challenging new environment?

If so, then your discovery here may be a rendezvous with destiny. The New Message provides answers to these questions and a preparation for living this answer and fulfilling its promise for your life. Held within the New Message is a daily practice for developing your connection to Knowledge—the source of inner guidance in your life that can reveal your higher purpose and destined relationships in the world.

The New Message reveals that humanity has a destiny as a free and united race in our world and in the Greater Community of life in the universe. Humanity has the power to resolve the conflicts ahead and restore the environment of the Earth to be its lasting home into the future. Humanity has a greater spiritual reality and set of capabilities that must be protected, brought forth and cultivated worldwide. This is the opportunity and necessity before us.

How can this be done? How can humanity step away from the reckless course it is currently on? As waves of environmental, political, and economic change threaten the self-interests and personal security of all people, what can inspire and instill a greater motivation and inspiration in the human family?

The New Message reveals that it is Knowledge—the deeper spiritual power in all people—that can inspire the actions and motivations of people to find their purpose in life and ultimately to support humanity in choosing unity and cooperation over competition, division, and war.

The New Message has the strength to awaken this spiritual power in all people and inspire a greater vision and the ability to build a far better future than our past. Here, the Divine works through the deeper spiritual intelligence within the individual—people in all economic circumstances, from all nations and faith traditions or no faith tradition.

Assistance is now being given to the world from the Creator and from the angelic presence, who translates this communication into human language and understanding. Given this assistance, there is a new way forward for us and the world, provided by a higher source. 

The New Message holds the possibility for each of us to become aware of the larger events reshaping our world and to prepare mentally, physically and spiritually to play our part as humanity takes this major evolutionary step forward.

Thank you for being here and finding the New Message. There is a greater purpose for your life and the New Message can help you to see this purpose, prepare for it and bring this into concrete action and experience in your life.