Alien Contact

Understand the reality behind Contact — who is visiting our world and what they want.

Contact with other forms of intelligent life is now underway and represents the next major step in the evolution of the human species. We are no longer alone in the universe or even within our own world.

Yet this event is greatly misunderstood and few people understand who is visiting our world and what this could mean for our future.

What you need to know

Contact is taking place with extraterrestrial intelligences from beyond our world. The UFO/UAP phenomenon represents an incursion into our world by unknown forces from the universe around us. Our isolation in the universe is over and this represents a major threshold in the evolution of the human species.

This is happening at a time of major environmental, social and technological change in our world. The convergence of these two sets of events has the power either to profoundly destabilize our global civilization or bring about a level of human unity and cooperation as never before. What else could unite our fractured world but the collapse of our Earth’s environment and the implications of contact with competitive intelligence from beyond our world?

With the realization that we are not alone, we can begin to look beyond our human differences and see ourselves as a one human family with one future in a larger community of life in the universe. Instead of a world of warring nations, competing religions and divided societies we now have a compelling cause to end our ceaseless conflicts with one another and prepare for our shared future in a larger arena of life.

Yet, Contact warrants our caution. Those visiting our world today are engaged in a variety of deeply concerning activities being undertaken with considerable secrecy and without human consent. This is unlike any form of ancient Contact that may happened in the past.

This new wave of alien visitation to our world began around the World Wars of the 20th century and grew with the dawning of the nuclear age and the rapid deterioration of the Earth’s environment. In addition, the formation of a world economy and the technological advances that have enabled global commerce and mass communication have combined to create a defining moment in the history of our human civilization and which has led to interest and visitation from beyond our world. 

Though other forms of “ancient contact” likely occurred centuries or millennia ago, it is becoming clear based on the activities and behaviors of those visiting our world today that those in our world today represent a very different kind of force with a very different agenda.

The present incursion into our world has taken place with clear attempts to observe humanity on a global scale, to study our human psychology and test our technology and military capabilities and also to directly influence our social and political systems. This is driving a profound change in our mental and physical environments, and it is critical that we begin to account for this change and for the activities and intentions of those visiting our world.

Our world is undergoing tremendous change at nearly all levels of life. This change is happening not only in our physical environment but in our “mental environment”—the environment of thought and influence that effects us every moment of the day.

Much of this change is the result of the present evolutionary shift our world civilization—which includes the breakdown of our environment, the depletion of the earth’s life-sustaining resources and the merging of tribal and cultural identities into ever larger national and global identities. Yet also influencing this change is the presence of non-human intelligence in the world. This extraterrestrial intelligence has disturbed the human mental space, both directly and indirectly in ways that are powerful but difficult to account for. 

The alien forces visiting our world possess far superior mental capabilities to our own, and also an intelligence and mental makeup profoundly different than anything we would consider “human.” This creates a dissonance of mind in the world and a disturbance of the normal patterns of thought generated and shared by human beings. As two very different minds begin to collide and interact, the mental environment of our world is changing in profound ways.

Even beyond this, there is growing evidence that these alien forces intend to use their mental capabilities against human beings, seeking to influence individuals in positions of power and even whole populations in subtle ways. In fact, neurological influence and mental manipulation appear to be their primary method for advancing their motives and agenda for being in our world. 

These visitors are not a military force and have shown no inclination to attack or harm human beings on a broad scale. However, in secret their program of genetic hybridization and neurological influence over those they take against their will, demonstrates both an ability and an intention to affect the human race in very deep ways. As a result, we should no longer regard this as a benign or neutral “visitation” to our world, but instead an intervention into human affairs.

We are now encountering forces intent on weaving themselves into the human social and genetic fabric and who are interacting with leaders in government, commerce and religion behind closed doors, offering inducements of power and technology without disclosure to the human population or with any broad involvement or consent from any international body. It is essential that we now comprehend the four activities of this Intervention and how this is affecting the world around us.

We are no longer the pre-eminent life form on Earth and must consider what is required to preserve our human preserve our human sovereignty and freedom in the world and to develop our greater human intelligence, social cohesion and strength of will in order to contend with other forms of intelligent life.

Our world is now emerging into a larger universe of intelligent life. Contact with extraterrestrial life has begun and this represents a major challenge and evolutionary step forward for the human race. In the next several decades, our response to both Contact and the environmental, economic and political crises facing humanity will determine the future of our world.

The New Message reveals the reality of those forces visiting our world and with it the greater context of how life works in the universe. With this, we can better understand humanity’s evolution in the cosmos and comprehend the current visitation to our world by non-human intelligences from the universe around us.

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Many people feel there is a great movement in the world today, that they are at a great turning point. Some speculate that this will lead to a great disaster for humanity, others to a great awakening. It is as if the ground is moving beneath your feet, and within yourself you feel a great turbulence, as if something is driving you forward towards an unseen and unknown destiny. In response to this great movement, people project their ideas, their beliefs, their hopes and their fears. And from their perspective, the world is either filled with angels or with demons, as they speculate that the great times of change will fulfill the ancient prophecies or will begin new ones.

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In the region of space where your world exists, conquest is not allowed. It is strictly forbidden, and this rule is maintained in order to assure order and stability within this neighborhood of life. If one race seeks to gain advantage in another inhabited world, it must do so in such a way that it appears that its presence is welcome in that world and that a mutual agreement has been established.

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In the world today, the Greater Community forces who are present are especially interested in those who have great psychic abilities, who have made these publicly known and available. You may wonder why people are receiving so many messages from so many places and why there is such confusion and conflict between the messages that people receive. And you may wonder, “Where do these messages come from?” Let Us speak on this now.

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The world has been visited for a very long time. These visitations have been from a number of different races for different purposes. Some have come here to gain biological samples from the immensely rich diversity of life in the world. Others have come here to hide things, to store things beyond the awareness of the native peoples of the world. At different points, others have established bases here temporarily and on a few occasions have tried, in more recent history, to educate or to influence early human civilizations.

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Humanity’s encounter with greater extraterrestrial forces is imminent now and is being greatly felt by many people around the world. Some retreat into their ancient religions, prophesying the end or the beginning. Others go into a state of prolonged confusion and ambivalence and are unable to function, even in the affairs of daily life. And others try to move forward, try to break the bonds of the past and enter a greater and new understanding.

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There are three requirements for a race to be free in the universe, and especially in the regions that are well inhabited where networks of trade have been well established. You must be united, you must be self-sufficient and you must be extremely discreet.

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