The world has been visited for a very long time. These visitations have been from a number of different races for different purposes. Some have come here to gain biological samples from the immensely rich diversity of life in the world. Others have come here to hide things, to store things beyond the awareness of the native peoples of the world. At different points, others have established bases here temporarily and on a few occasions have tried, in more recent history, to educate or to influence early human civilizations.

These visitations were brief and were not sustained for long. The bases that were established here were only mainly to gain a greater understanding of the Earth’s geological and biological realities. Attempts to influence early civilizations proved to be unsuccessful. However, a great deal has been learned about the natural world here, and many biological elements have been taken from the world periodically to support the emergence of life elsewhere.

Those races who are present in the world today represent a different set of forces from those who have visited humanity in the past.

The ascension of humankind and the rapid development of human technology over the past two centuries have brought different forces to the world, forces who are looking for the possibility to gain advantage and gain control of an emerging world such as this.”

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