In the world today, the Greater Community forces who are present are especially interested in those who have great psychic abilities, who have made these publicly known and available. You may wonder why people are receiving so many messages from so many places and why there is such confusion and conflict between the messages that people receive. And you may wonder, “Where do these messages come from?” Let Us speak on this now.

It is important to understand that people in the world have very little skill so far in being able to distinguish the mental environment from the spiritual reality. There is a great deal of level confusion here. People think if they are intuitive and have psychic experiences that this is spiritual in nature, but that is not true. For those who have absolutely no spiritual awareness or foundation can learn to exercise great skill in the mental environment. They can read and interpret the thoughts of others, and they can cast an influence on the environment so that others over time will come to think the way they want them to think.

There are many people in the world today who feel they have had spiritual contact when in fact they are in contact with those in the Greater Community. It is not difficult for the world’s visitors to utilize the spiritual superstitions and imagery that are present today to make contact and to gain influence.

In fact, in the world today there is great effort amongst your visitors to gain access to those who are spiritually sensitive, who are mentally sensitive and to cast an influence upon them. Here the emphasis is to align these individuals with the source of the message, to pacify them and to put them in a state of pliant receptivity.

This has tragic consequences, for the persons who are affected over time will lose their personal will. They will lose their self-determination. They will lose their ability to discriminate and to discern. They will be encouraged to be constantly open to whatever is given to them, and over time they will not be able to discern whether what is being given to them is correct or not. They will be enthralled, but they will also be enslaved. This then represents subtle manipulation of the mental environment.

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