Summary of Major Ideas

Humanity is entering a new stage of evolution and must be prepared to face the reality of life beyond our planet and the greater community of life in the universe.

  • 00:00 Our innate intelligence is guiding us towards a great transition in human civilization, as we have emerged into a Greater Community of intelligent life.
  • 01:09 Humanity is entering a new stage of evolution as we realize our connection to greater forces in the universe and the end of our isolation.
  • 02:00 Life is changing, and people are hopeful and fearful about the future.
  • 02:58 Be aware of the presence of extraterrestrial beings seeking to present themselves as benign, and to provide solutions to our global problems.
  • 05:03 The New Message library of books and teachings has opened the doors to the reality and spirituality of life, providing knowledge needed to make wise decisions regarding any visitation to our world and our standing in the face of greater powers around us.
  • 06:29 Humanity is unprepared for this transition, but there is a great calling to bring awareness of spirituality and the realities of life beyond our planet.
  • 07:35 We must face the reality of the great transition we are in and keep pace with the movement of life.