Many people feel there is a great movement in the world today, that they are at a great turning point. Some speculate that this will lead to a great disaster for humanity, others to a great awakening. It is as if the ground is moving beneath your feet, and within yourself you feel a great turbulence, as if something is driving you forward towards an unseen and unknown destiny. In response to this great movement, people project their ideas, their beliefs, their hopes and their fears. And from their perspective, the world is either filled with angels or with demons, as they speculate that the great times of change will fulfill the ancient prophecies or will begin new ones.

This is the result of people experiencing the evolution of the world, of experiencing living at a time of great change. This is the result of people experiencing the world’s emergence into the Greater Community. Yet how few people in the world today really understand what they are experiencing.

Humanity is emerging out of its isolation now. It is emerging into a Greater Community of life. It is entering a larger physical and spiritual universe, of which it has always been a part.

Here you will encounter the reality of other forms of intelligent life, but they will not be angelic, and they will not be demonic. They will be races of individuals who are facing the same problems of survival and competition, advancement and control that humanity is struggling with within the world. Though their technology seems to be beyond comprehension, that does not mean that they have magical powers. They are here for their own purposes, very little of which has anything to do with human reality or human history.

The Greater Community is in the world today. When We say this, We mean that there are a few groups who are here. They certainly do not represent the entire Greater Community. Yet their presence here brings with it the reality that life will change forever within the world, and that all that humanity has developed in its life in isolation will undergo a profound change and challenge, tremendous growth.

This is the most difficult thing that could happen to humanity at this time, and yet it is the most beneficial. For it will take the presence of the Greater Community to finally bring humanity to realize that it must unite, that it must preserve the world, that it must protect its citizens, and that it must become strong and capable in order to function within a Greater Community environment.

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