Volume Four contains the deeper spiritual tradition for humanity that is at the heart of the New Message.

Here are the foundational texts of the theology and spirituality of the New Message. This includes the books Greater Community Spirituality and Relationships and Higher Purpose. These unique and sacred texts were received in a continuous process of revelation by Marshall Vian Summers.

In these texts, humanity is introduced to The Greater Community Way of Knowledge, the pathway of spiritual practice and inner development practiced throughout the universe since time immemorial. The Greater Community Way of Knowledge is now being presented to our world for the first time.

These texts set forth the core teaching for the world regarding Knowledge, (What is Knowledge?), the Greater Community (What is the Greater Community?) and Relationships and Higher Purpose, as well as seminal teachings on the nature of God’s presence and purpose in the world and the universe beyond.

While these texts further establish the spiritual foundation of the New Message, they often sound a deeply intimate calling of power and mystery within the individual. This calling can resound through the ancient corridors of one’s mind, calling to a deeper Knowledge and an ancient memory that lives within us waiting to be discovered.