The Worldwide Community of The New Message from God is a book of Revelation from the Creator of all life given for those who are called to receive this Message, to learn and live its teaching, to follow its pathway of preparation and to participate in this great event in history: the appearance of a New Revelation from God in the world.

We live at a time of unprecedented change—a time when “Great Waves” of environmental, economic and political change are striking the world, and a time when Contact with intelligent life in the universe is secretly taking place, with grave implications for the human race. These evolutionary challenges require new wisdom and a new Revelation from a Divine source. This is why the New Message from God is here.

Through the New Message, God is calling for men and women of conscience to rise to the occasion of our time, to become students of Knowledge—the spiritual Mind within each person—and to gather as a “Worldwide Community” of people working to bring a greater spirit, a greater inspiration and a greater contribution to humanity. It is essential that this Worldwide Community of people gather now and become strong and focused so that the mission of the Creator can advance: to protect our world, to keep the spirit of Knowledge alive and to prepare humanity for a new life in a Greater Community of worlds in the universe. It is for this reason that this book is being given to you now.

Participation in the Worldwide Community is focused on studenthood, service, advocacy and support of the Message and the Messenger. These are the shared activities which, oriented in the right direction, will yield profound and life-giving results in our lives and in our world, born out over time through our experience and contribution as men and women of Knowledge.

Central to these activities are the relationships that underlie them: relationship with Knowledge, with the Angelic Assembly that oversees the world, with the Messenger they have sent, with The Society for the New Message—the Core Community established by the Messenger—and with other students of the New Message. God’s work in the world moves across lines of relationship. Being outside of relationship, we cannot move forward in a real and lasting way. Therefore, it is individuals working both alone and together, in connection and with a shared direction, that will enable a great service and contribution to be given to the world through the New Message and its community.

This book of Revelation contains individual revelations from the Creator that together present the keys to participating in this community. Compiled by the Messenger, these revelations were received at the home of the New Message in Boulder, Colorado and also during the Messenger’s travels in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The first of these revelations was given at the end of 2008, a year in which 152 individual revelations were received, the most in any year of the Messenger’s life. This year also marked the start of a new calling from the Higher Powers to those meant to find God’s New Message and prepare to participate in its mission and community.

The remaining chapters of The Worldwide Community were revealed over the following ten years, ending with The Pilgrimage in 2018, a special revelation from the Source which asks those who have been touched by the New Message to make the journey to meet the Messenger in person or, if this is not possible, to communicate to him in writing.

These revelations mark the beginning of a new gathering of people in the world, a gathering of those called by a mysterious power to begin the preparation to become men and women of Knowledge and students of a New Message from God. These revelations mark the formation of a community working to support the future and freedom of humanity in a Greater Community of life. This book sets forth the direction for this community and establishes its foundation for rendering a greater service to humanity in the difficult times now and in the decades and centuries to come.

May this book of Revelation illuminate the road ahead for you and open a door for you to participate in the Worldwide Community—a community of service, studenthood, strength, clarification, restoration and renewal. May this community support you in becoming a student of Knowledge and in finding and fulfilling your contribution to humanity. And may this community stand the test of time and hold true to the Revelation, to the Messenger and to those who sent him, so that it may be a place others can come to join in the future that will support the emergence of Knowledge and contribution in their lives as well.

The Worldwide Community is but part of a greater network of support to humanity as it takes its next evolutionary step forward into a New World reality and into a Greater Community of life in the universe. This may be the greatest step humanity has ever taken, and it is no accident you are here and that the Worldwide Community is gathering at this time.