As received by
Marshall Vian Summers
on October 14, 2014
in Boulder, Colorado

Hear the original spoken revelation:

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Today We shall speak of God’s Great Love for the world.

Living in Separation, people have chosen to come into a world of difficulty, a world of change, a world requiring constant adaptation, a world of competition for resources, a world of beauty, but a world of adversity as well. This is the natural world, which you may admire, but within which you must learn to survive. It is not an easy task.

Heaven has created this environment throughout the universe as a place for the separated to live, for those who chose to come into form and to be individualized in this way. It is an environment of growth and expansion, an environment that few in this world really understand.

Choosing Separation, you had to come into a very different environment from that which you have left. And different it is, truly. You cannot imagine your Ancient Home, living in Separation. And indeed it is difficult to imagine living in a physical environment when you are dwelling in your Ancient Home, which you will return to eventually.

For God’s Plan is to save everyone. It is a Plan so exquisite, so perfect, you can hardly imagine it—a Plan not only for the human family, for this one little world alone, but for the entire universe and the universes beyond it and all the dimensions of physical existence and manifestation.

That is why the ancient religions cannot really give you the complete picture, for they do not speak of life beyond this world. But what God is doing beyond this world is what God is doing here.

So for the first time in history, the great understanding is being given to the human family as you stand at the threshold of space, as you stand at the threshold of encountering intelligent life in the universe—intelligent life which is already in the world.

For the first time in history, you are being given a greater panorama of life in which to understand yourself, your life and your purpose for being in the world at this time. But to see this and to understand this, you must have a greater understanding and comprehension, not bound in ancient philosophies and theology, but bound in a greater understanding of God’s Work in the universe.

For the first time in all of history, this is being given to the human family, not as a grand journey for a few people to take and to experience, but for the safety of humanity, the preservation of human civilization and the cultivation of a greater freedom in the world, greater than anything that has been established here before.

The purpose then is of critical importance. Do not think this is a personal journey of excitement. It is a blueprint for survival in a Greater Community of life in the universe. It is a blueprint for uniting the world’s religions sufficiently that they will cease their opposition to one another and begin to support one another, each giving unique features, practices and understanding to the human family. For God has initiated them all, and they are all here to serve the growth and preservation of the human family.

But you cannot see this yet, for you are mired in conflict and controversy. You are mired in judgment and condemnation. You are mired in partisanship and opposition to others. Your notion of God is singularly lacking in this regard.

God is the Source of all the world’s religions, and yet they fight one another vehemently and have for centuries indeed. Standing at the threshold of a Greater Community of life, you cannot afford this destructive and tragic activity any longer.

God knows what humanity must have. God knows what is coming over the horizon. God does not want to see humanity fail as it destroys its foundation in the world and as it faces, unprepared, a universe, a competitive environment greater than anything you can see here on Earth.

This is the Love of God. You are free to be living in Separation, for you were made to be free. You are even free to leave your Ancient Home. You are free to live in Separation, but your connection with God has never ceased.

Part of your mind is still connected to God. Part of your mind can respond to God’s Guidance, Power and Presence. Part of your mind, beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect, is still connected to your Ancient Home and to all of Creation that exist beyond the physical realm.

Do not think this is too big for you to understand, for this is your natural state We speak of here today. It has everything to do with why you are in the world, whom you must meet, what you must do and what you must avoid if you are to play your part in God’s Greater Plan for humanity and for all life in the universe.

God is far greater than any religion has ever conceived or could conceive, in this world or any world—a God of a billion, billion, billion races and more, a God of galaxies beyond this one, a God of Creation beyond all physical manifestation. No theology or philosophy could contain this panorama of life, wisdom, power and intention.

So understand that all your religious beliefs are relative in nature, relative to time, space and change. They are all an approximation.

If they are understood correctly, they will assist you in moving forward. They will assist you in organizing your life and in living correctly so you do not generate shame and unworthiness for yourself.

But religion is not conceived correctly. The Love of God is now clothed in petitions for miracles and dispensations. And God is still portrayed as angry, vengeful and punishing at the core of most of the world’s theologies.

Therefore, to understand the Love of God, to understand God’s Plan to save everyone, you must have the eyes to see beyond what you are accustomed to, beyond perhaps what you have been taught. Beyond your religious and social conditioning, to a certain degree, you must see.

And when you do, the meaning of your life will begin to become apparent. You will feel as if you have been freed from a prison, a prison within your own mind, a prison of conditioning and religious belief.

For you do not get to Heaven based upon belief. Your road to Heaven has to do with contribution in the world, based upon tolerance, forgiveness and service to others. Be you of any faith tradition, be you of no faith tradition, your life is either purposeful in this regard or not. Bowing down to God means nothing if you will not follow what God has given you to follow within yourself.

For God is not bound by the scriptures, and what God has put within you is beyond the scriptures. Let the scriptures prepare you for this deeper engagement, but let them not replace this deeper engagement.

For part of you is still connected to God, and that is the part you must learn to recognize, to discern amongst the other voices and impulses in your mind, the part that you must learn to follow, the part you hold in common with all others who dwell here.

Everyone is in the world for a purpose, but only this part of you knows what that is and is bound to guide you, if possible, to meet your rendezvous with others, and to prepare you for a greater life of service and fulfillment here.

All that We are telling you here today will prepare you for understanding God’s Plan to save everyone.

God is not shocked by your errors. God is not shocked by all of the tragedies of humanity here on Earth—its cruelty, its destruction. God is not shocked by your errors, your foolishness, your self-deprecation, your deprecation of others because God knows that without this Knowledge to guide you, you will live in confusion, and from confusion will come error, and from error will come cruelty and violence towards yourself and others.

God will not punish you for this, for God knows that if you are not connected to the deeper Knowledge that God has put within you, the part of you that has never left God, your errors will be inevitable. Even if you try to live a very good and upright life, you will still be confused and constantly hounded by your uncertainty and misery, and in judgment of the world around you.

People try to adapt to this in every conceivable way, either positively or negatively, but it all ends up being really the same. For without Knowledge, you do not know where you have come from. You do not know what you are doing. You do not know where you really need to go in life. And all the while you feel an emptiness inside, recognizing, at least momentarily here and there, that you are not living the life you are meant to live.

Even if you have wealth and splendor, even if you seem to have everything that society garners as valuable, this emptiness will still reside within you unless you are following that which you must follow, which is beyond comprehension, but which is the most powerful experience you can have in life, once you begin this engagement.

God knows you could not separate completely from Heaven and Creation. And in your journey here in physical reality, you would lose sight of it because it is so very difficult to live in this environment.

Your natural state, your natural resonance with Creation, would be replaced by all of the impressions of the world; by the pain of the world; by the follies of the world; by the inducements of others, forcing you to adapt, very unnaturally often, to your circumstances, to your family, to your culture, to your religion until you become so distorted that you have no notion of yourself. You are a stranger to yourself. You judge yourself as you judge all others, based upon impressions and values that have been inculcated in you by your culture, that are not native to who you are.

God understands these things. God has put Knowledge within you to guide you, to protect you and to lead you to a greater life of service in the world.

But this requires a new approach. While The Way of Knowledge has been part of every world religion, it has been held back, so the people of the world could not have it, could not find it, could not hear of it. Held back, by ruling powers. Held back, by ecclesiastical bodies. Held back, by rulers of nations.

This kind of freedom was unknown in the ancient world except in very rare exceptions and is unknown today in large parts of the world. That people could be inner directed seems like a threat to society, to governance, to stability, to culture.

But if you could understand what We are saying today, you would understand that Knowledge within you cannot be in opposition to Knowledge within another. And this is the great peacemaker in the world.

You may make peace agreements. You may hold back the aggression of war. You may restrain nations and peoples from attacking each other, but you have not yet achieved what will really be required to establish an equitable and just society here.

God has put a deeper conscience within all people. If this is overlaid, they will not experience it, except perhaps here and there, in moments of fear or guilt or confusion.

The part of you that never left God is just. It is not in opposition to others. Viewpoints will differ. Approaches will differ. Understanding will not be the same in this world. But Knowledge can override all of these things between people of different nations, different religions, different cultures, different orientations. All these things that stand between people, that separate people, that cast people in conflict with each other can be overridden by what We speak of here today.

For God’s Plan is to save everyone. But God’s Plan is not what people think or understand. This will take time, but time is nothing to God. Time is everything to you, who live in time and must concern yourself with not wasting time—the time of your life, the value of your life, the time that you have been given here.

God’s Plan is to save everyone. This will change the religious beliefs and philosophies of the world’s religions. But it must be given with a whole New Message from God, for it is not simply an idea alone. It is creating a whole new understanding, an understanding that is native to who you are, that applies to everyone, that applies to other races in the universe, that applies to the whole universe. For God does not have a different Plan for every single little world.

The God We speak of is so vast, and yet God speaks to you in the most intimate part of you—a place sacred, a place eternal, a place so deep. You must go to this depth if you are to understand and have the authentic experience of engagement that We speak of here today.

God’s Plan is to reclaim all the separated everywhere, for you can never really be apart from God completely. So even if you create Hell on Earth for yourself and others, you are still connected to God.

Knowledge is with you—here, there and everywhere. You can never lose it. It can never be taken from you. You can forget it. You can deny it. You can run away from it. You can live a life apart from it. But it is always with you.

You are tethered to Heaven, you see. No matter how degrading your life in the world, no matter how brutal your circumstances, no matter how terrible the political or religious oppression under which you live, you are still connected in this way, and this is how God will save you.

God does not care about your religious beliefs. Their value is only to the degree to which they can connect you with this deeper intelligence, this deeper part of you that We speak of.

Having a wonderful or correct belief will not bridge the gap between you and your Source. Believing in one teacher will not make a difference here. Believing in one of the great Messengers who has come to the Earth from the Angelic Assembly is not enough.

You must follow that which was given you to follow. You must live your life according to this, within religion or beyond religion, wherever you are destined to be. This is how God will save you.

When you have completed your learning here in the world, you will join a greater Assembly that oversees life in this world to help those who remain behind. Your accomplishments will not be wasted.

When you no longer need to be in this world or live in physical reality, your training is still not yet complete. You will enter a level of service to assist those who remain behind. This is how God puts everyone living in Separation to work for the salvation of all. A Plan so beautiful you cannot even imagine how it works. A Plan so complete that it cannot fail in time.

But time is your problem, you see, for you are languishing in time. You are suffering in time. Your life is being misspent. You are not going anywhere. You are not finding that which you must find and doing that which you must do. Not yet. Perhaps you are close. Perhaps you are far away.

This is the Calling of Heaven. This is how God will save everyone. To accept this, you must learn to have regard for yourself and others. You must see your errors are the result of living without Knowledge. You must see that the tragedies, the errors and the conflicts of humanity are all the results of people not being aware of these things We speak of.

Without Knowledge, people will identify with their ideas and their beliefs, their political agenda, their religious agenda, much of which is based upon conflict and opposition to others.

It is a hopeless situation. But there is a way out of this jungle, and God has put the power within you to lead you out, step by step. You will not understand as you proceed. You need only take the next step. You do not understand yet what is really happening in your life. But you must trust yourself enough, and you must stop condemning others so that your mind can open, so that you can begin to respond.

God’s New Revelation in the world is calling out to the whole world and providing the pathway that is at the heart of all the world’s religions, but that has never been made available before.

For God’s Plan is to save everyone. And your being in the world is part of this Plan.