Within these pages is the beginning of a direct communication from the heart of God to the heart of Creation in each of us. As you read, listen carefully. As you listen, you may feel the touch of your Ancient Home, the touch of your Spiritual Family and the touch of the Angelic Presence, who seeks to guide and protect you in your journey on Earth. Put away the burdens of your worldly mind and listen with your heart. It is time to enter the Mystery.

Secrets of Heaven represents the sacred engagement we are destined to have with God, the Angels of God and with Knowledge, the deeper spiritual intelligence within us. In the pages that follow, you can begin to experience this engagement for yourself.

This engagement is an environment of deep experience within you. It is here that you find you are no longer alone but are attended to by the Angelic Presence that has aided and guided you since the beginning of your time here on Earth. These are mysterious relationships to explore.

The engagement experience builds the foundation for receiving the guidance, direction and counsel you need to navigate your life in an increasingly uncertain world and to locate within the world the people, purpose and destiny that you must find. This inner engagement will yield the greatest discoveries of your life.

Secrets of Heaven was first revealed in 1983. Responding to the prayers of humanity, the Angelic Presence opened the source waters of heaven’s love and grace to flow into the world anew. In the most mysterious of circumstances, a man named Marshall Vian Summers was called to be the recipient and Messenger for a New Revelation, of which Secrets of Heaven is but a small part. Since 1983, this gift from the Divine has not stopped. It continues to be revealed, coming to nourish and prepare us as we face new and perilous challenges in the world.

Each page of this book contains a secret from the Angelic Presence. Each secret offers a precious opportunity to open the doors of your perception and awareness. Now you can begin to see as Heaven sees. Now you are looking through the eyes of Heaven to see and experience yourself, others and the world as never before.

At the conclusion of this book is the seminal revelation “The Engagement,” which takes you deeper into your mysterious connection with Knowledge and with those who sent you into the world. Heaven asks you to receive its secrets. The Angels of Heaven seek to share their secrets with you. Through this book, these secrets are given to you now. May Secrets of Heaven be a doorway to a new life for you.