As received by
Marshall Vian Summers
on December 31, 2006
in Boulder, Colorado

Hear the original spoken revelation:

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In a world of ever-increasing difficulty, competition and conflict, there is a New Message in the world to give humanity a new beginning, to give humanity a new understanding of both its spiritual nature and its future within a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe.

This is an entirely new way for humanity. It is a way that is based upon necessity, upon wisdom and upon facing the great challenges that are coming for the human family. For it is true that what humanity has established thus far is inadequate to prepare it for the future that it will be facing, a future that will be unlike the past in so many ways.

It is time now for humanity to learn the true nature of its spirituality, the greater Intelligence that the Creator of all life has placed within the human family and within each person. This greater Intelligence has always been there, of course, but only very few in the history of the world have ever discovered it and have ever realized its true nature, power and purpose.

The power and presence of this Knowledge cannot now be simply the providence of the few, of the elite, of those few who have the commitment and the opportunity to discover it. It must become far more available now, for this Knowledge will be needed above all else to enable humanity to navigate the difficult times ahead.

There is a New Message from God in the world, for it is time. It is the time of Revelation. This Revelation is needed now, for humanity stands at the precipice of great danger and also great opportunity. But the opportunity cannot be recognized unless the danger is seen clearly, unless the danger itself becomes apparent.

There is a new way because humanity is emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe. There are others who live in your vicinity of space who seek to gain control of the world through deceptive means, to gain access to the invaluable resources here and the strategic importance of this world.

Humanity is also facing the prospect of living in a world of decline, declining resources—declining food and water and energy—a world whose environment has been disrupted, whose climate has been affected, whose life-sustaining capabilities have been damaged and limited.

These two great phenomena then—your encounter with the Greater Community and facing a world in decline—together represent a Greater Darkness in the world, a Darkness greater and more consequential than anything humanity has ever faced before. This has required that God intervene with a Message—a Message that contains a warning, a blessing and a preparation.

The warning is that humanity must now cease its endless conflicts and prepare to unite to survive in a declining world, and to unite to face the realities and the challenges of the Greater Community itself. No longer is this a good idea or simply an ethical emphasis. It is a vital necessity.

These two great challenges facing humanity have the power to send humanity into a permanent decline or to generate a human unity and cooperation that has never been established in the world before.

Only a great necessity could alter human focus, human awareness and human behavior to this extent. Human unity will not be achieved under anything less than such dire circumstances.

For the world itself is a greater community. Humanity is a greater community. And you also live within a Greater Community in the universe, a universe that is full of intelligent life.

Your freedom, then, to whatever extent it has been established, will come under increasing challenge by those who seek to gain access to this world and by the reality of your own circumstances here on Earth.

The governments of the world apparently have not recognized this and are not preparing their people accordingly. The religious institutions of the world have not recognized this and are not preparing their people accordingly. Instead, humanity continues in its desperate struggle with itself—for wealth, for power, for dominance, for righteousness, for hostility and for revenge.

In the face of the Greater Community and in the face of a world in decline, you cannot afford this now. This will require a radical shift in human awareness, both at an individual level and at a larger collective level as well.

Only a New Message from God has the power to create such a shift. Only it can resonate with the deeper Knowledge within the individual. Only it can offer a wisdom and insight into the future that humanity on its own has not been able to acquire. Only a New Message from God can reveal the deeper nature of your spirituality, your spirituality at the level of Knowledge—what this means, why it is within you and how you can gain access to it, no matter what religious tradition you are from, what country you are from, what culture you are from or what your economic position might be.

This New Message is not here to compete with the religions of the world, but to give them clarity and unity of purpose together. It is meant to enliven them and to unite them in a greater cooperation for the salvation of the world.

Only a New Message from God has this power and efficacy. Its power and efficacy are mysterious, for it reaches beyond the intellect, beyond the mind that questions and wonders, demands, fears and doubts, into a deeper awareness within the individual.

For the New Message is here to ignite the individual and to give a new direction to all of humanity—all at the same time. It is not simply a new belief system or a prescription for behavior because everyone is not going to believe the same things. Everyone is not going to do the same things. Everyone is not going to follow the same traditions or the same teacher.

God understands this. But the calling within the New Message is something that people from any faith tradition, nation or culture can hear and respond to. Not everyone has to respond—only a small percentage of the human population. If they can respond, they can carry humanity forward. They can prepare humanity for the Great Waves of change that are coming. They can prepare humanity for competition from the Greater Community. This is not only possible. It is necessary.

You may wonder: “How can such a thing be achieved given our history and our temperament?” It can be achieved because there is a New Message from God in the world. If such a Message were not in the world, if it were left up to human awareness and ingenuity alone, then your fate would be sealed and the outcome would be more predictable.

But your fate has not been sealed and the outcome is not yet predictable. However, if humanity does not change its course of action within the next decade, then you will have fewer options and the future for you and your children will be far more grave and far more dangerous.

Humanity is facing the Great Waves of change. It is unprecedented. Never before has the entire race been confronted with such challenges, all converging at the same time. How will you deal with them? How will you know what to do individually? How can you prepare? How can you help others to prepare? How can you generate greater unity and cooperation between individuals, between cultures, religions and nations?

If you are truly honest with yourself, you must come to the conclusion that you do not really know. You do not have all these answers. You may say, “If only this” or “If only that,” but these are not answers. They are wishes. Wishes will not prepare you for the future. Wishes will not alter the course of human activity and awareness. Wishes will not save humanity from a calamity largely of its own making. And wishes will not prepare you for the realities, the dangers and the opportunities inherent in your emergence into this Greater Community of intelligent life.

The way, then, is here to prepare the individual, to ignite and illuminate the individual, and to give humanity a greater awareness of its destiny and of the Great Waves of change that are coming. It is here to clarify how human relationships can be elevated to the level of higher purpose. It is here to teach you the Four Pillars of your life, to build the Four Pillars of your life so that you may have a strong enough foundation to be of assistance to others in the face of great change and upheaval. It is here to provide Wisdom from the Greater Community that has never been offered to the world before from the Creator, for it was not needed. But now it is needed.

Humanity must have this wisdom. It must have this perspective. It must have this Greater Community awareness, or else it will enter into the future blind, unprepared and unaware. You cannot afford this now. Foolishness is tragic within these circumstances.

This is not the end times as some people believe. It is time for a new beginning. It is time for a new understanding, a new awareness, a new commitment based upon necessity, based upon the great needs of humanity now and in the future.

Of course, there will be diversity of opinion and religious belief and cultural emphasis. Of course. God understands this. But the commitment to protect the world, the commitment to protect civilization, the commitment to safeguard this world from intervention from beyond—that can and must be established. It is not based upon philosophy or theology or political science. It is based upon sheer necessity.

It is like the house on fire. You do not need to study the problem when it is happening. You just need to prepare to put the fire out. There is a very great fire in the world today. It is slowly burning, but it is gaining strength. And every day human ignorance, human denial, human superstition, human conflict, human competition add fuel to this fire, giving it strength, making it hotter and more difficult to extinguish.

This requires a new way, a new understanding, a new approach, a new awareness. For humanity is going to have a new future—a future unlike the past. And this future will be extremely demanding and extremely hazardous. Its great opportunity is that it offers humanity its one great chance to unite in its own defense. It gives humanity the one great chance to share its resources and to extinguish human conflict as impractical and dangerous to the entire human family. It gives humanity its first and greatest opportunity to learn about life and spirituality, the realities of life within the Greater Community in which you live.

This is requiring a new Revelation, and the Revelation must come from the Creator of all life, for humanity cannot see what it cannot see. It cannot know what it cannot know. It does not see what is around the corner, that it is approaching with each passing day.

Part of this new way will be mysterious, for it speaks to Knowledge within you. How Knowledge is activated within the person is entirely mysterious and beyond human comprehension. But much of the way is extremely tangible. It is laid out in the preparation that the New Message is providing—to learn The Way of Knowledge, to gain Greater Community Knowledge and Wisdom, to preserve the world’s resources and to preserve humanity’s self-sufficiency within this world, for without this self-sufficiency, you will fall under the persuasion of foreign powers.

Part of the way is the awareness that you live within a Greater Community, that you are the native peoples of this world, that the human family stands alone in the universe. You do have allies in this universe, and they can send their Wisdom to you, as they have done. But they cannot interfere. They cannot save you. They do not have the power to do this. And it is not allowed for them to do this. It is not ethical for them to do this.

Humanity will have to save itself. No one is going to come and save you. And if anyone claims they are here to save you, you can be sure it is all deception. They are here to take advantage of a weak and conflicted and increasingly desperate humanity.

This, however, is not the path to human unity, human empowerment, human freedom and human sovereignty within this world. That is why there is a New Message from God—to ignite the human spirit, to broaden human awareness, and to reveal to you the future that you are facing.

People are short-sighted, of course. They want immediate answers to immediate problems. But the New Message is addressing the great problems to which humanity has very little response thus far. The answers are for the great problems.

Think of this: What problems do you concern yourself with now, at this moment? What are those problems? And what difference will they make in a world in decline? What difference will they make as humanity faces competition and intervention from the Greater Community?

These problems may appear to be significant to you now, but cast within this greater context, they either become irrelevant or they are things that you want to resolve quickly, to give your attention to greater things.

Even your most educated, learned individuals are not seeing what is coming over the horizon. They think the future will be like the past. They think the future will simply continue what the past has revealed, perhaps in new ways. They do not see that the entire landscape will be changing.

And, of course, then there is the problem of human denial—that no matter how educated you may be, you still have to deal with the tendency to deny things that are beyond your grasp or that emotionally you cannot deal with or that are too challenging or are too mysterious or are too overwhelming. In this, the learned fare only slightly better than the uneducated.

That is why there is a New Message from God in the world. For there must be this calling. There must be this warning. There must be this blessing. There must be this preparation.

You cannot prepare yourself for the Greater Community even though those who will intervene in your world have already prepared for you. You cannot prepare yourself in time now to face a world in rapid decline. You could do this if you had the commitment and the awareness with enough people, but this is not the case now. You are far behind in your preparation. That is why there is a New Message from God in the world.

This great way will teach you what other advanced races in the universe have had to learn and to face in order to survive great transitions in their evolution. And, yes, humanity is in a state of evolution. The great changes that are coming are in part evolutionary, for sooner or later you would have to face the realities of the Greater Community—an immense environment, an immensely competitive environment. You cannot enter this environment like a little child.

The emphasis now is not on pleasing God or worshipping God or praying for all the little things you want. You now have to use what God has given you. You now have to call upon this deeper Knowledge that exists within each person waiting to be discovered. Belief is too weak, too vulnerable, too changeable and too susceptible to manipulation to be your foundation now.

You must have a greater foundation in Knowledge, and it must be strong enough to carry you forward. It will be the raft that will carry you through the dangerous currents of change that are coming. It will be the greater Wisdom within you that will overcome your human tendencies to compete and fight with one another and struggle for the remaining resources.

Not everyone has to gain this Knowledge, but enough people do to make the critical difference. The future of everything that you value hangs in the balance—all that humanity has created in its greatest moments, its great achievements in art, theology, philosophy, and all that it has built that is good and sustainable and beneficial would be lost in a world of decline and in facing the Greater Community, if you are not prepared.

From God’s perspective, then, this New Revelation is not merely another option, another possibility. It is not simply something to consider along with lots of other things to consider. From God’s perspective, this is it. Around the world, people have prayed for freedom, security and deliverance. And this is it.

But of course it does not look like what people expect, perhaps not occurring through their culture. It is not taking place within their religious tradition. It is not meeting their expectations. It does not appear as they thought it would appear.

But God’s Revelations are never limited by these things. They always take place outside of culture and religion and human expectation because they are New Messages from God. They are not human inventions. You can invent a better future in your imagination, but if you cannot see and face the Great Waves of change, then it is merely a fantasy. It is based upon ignorance and denial and has no foundation in reality.

The New Message from God is here to warn you of the future, to bless you, to give you the strength to face the future and to prepare you for the future. This preparation has to do primarily with human awareness and commitment. All of your talents and skills, your vocations, your sciences, will have to be employed to deal with what this will really mean on a day-to-day basis. But you must have the clarity of awareness, and you must have the inner commitment. If these things are lacking, then all of your resources and assets will not be brought to bear and fundamentally will not help you.

God gives what is needed, what is missing. It is not what people think or expect or believe, necessarily. That is because it is a New Message from God and not a human invention.

Your nations and your religions will have to cooperate in the future, or they will all face failure. There will be no winner if humanity fails. There will be no nation that is supreme if other nations fail. The world will be put in ever-increasing jeopardy, and the persuasions of those intervening in the world will become ever more attractive to the unaware and to the ignorant.

It is your weakness and your conflicts, your ignorance and your superstition that these particular races from the universe will prey upon. They could take control of the world without firing a shot, for they are skillful in manipulating the thinking and perception of others. That is their strength. That is what they are using now and will use in the future.

See what history has taught you in terms of intervention with the native peoples within your own world, over and over again. Do not think that this was destiny or had to happen. It was a result of many decisions, many bad decisions, particularly on the part of the native peoples themselves.

Humanity has the power to offset this intervention and future interventions. But it must learn Greater Community Knowledge and Wisdom to do it, and only the Creator of all life can provide this.

You have no idea what is happening beyond your borders. You think you are so important in the universe and that anyone who would come here would be extremely interested in you. But, of course, this is foolishness. This is self-fulfilling. This is self-admiration.

The Greater Community that you will encounter is a very competitive environment and not an environment for the faint of heart. For you to gain skill and wisdom here will take more than human ambition or human imagination.

You are unprepared for the Greater Community. You are unprepared for a world in decline. That is why there is a New Message from God. That is why God is providing a way, not to replace what you have created, but to give it greater promise, greater strength and greater application.

God uses what already exists to create the great opportunity, but there are things that must be revealed to you that have never been revealed before. For this you must look with clear eyes. You must recognize your predicament. And you must be willing to see and to know things that you had not considered before.

Ignorance is self-perpetuating until something comes along to change it, to break up its fantasies and illusions. Do not wait and let life do this to you, for that would be tragic. Instead, let the Revelation show you what is coming so that you have time and opportunity to prepare.

There is a new way for humanity. But it will be a new way based upon a greater Wisdom, a greater Knowledge and a greater challenge. Recognize this, and you will be able to see the complete relevance of this New Revelation. If you cannot see this need for greater Knowledge and Wisdom and the greater challenge that you are being confronted with, you will not understand the New Revelation. You will think that it is simply there for your personal edification. You will think it is just another perspective. You will think it is something else.

The Creator of all life wills that humanity repair a world in decline to preserve human self-sufficiency and thus secure human freedom and independence in this world. The Creator of all life wills that humanity emerge into this Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe as a free and independent race—able to sustain itself, able to establish itself and able to learn the Knowledge and Wisdom it must gain in order to function within this larger environment.

But what God wills must be translated through human awareness, human relationships, human understanding and human behavior. God wills that you be happier than you are today, that you be more successful than you are today, that you be more compassionate than you are today, that you be more effective than you are today as an individual. Therefore, you see, what God wills must be translated into human experience.

This understanding will give you hope and confidence, and it will not be a false hope and confidence, for you are being shown what God wills for humanity. If you can see this and feel this within your heart, you will see that humanity has a greater promise and a greater destiny.

But to find and fulfill this promise and destiny, you will have to learn many new things. You will have to begin anew, starting with your individual life and working outwards through your relationships; through your community activities; through what you see, know and advocate within your home, your family, your city, your town, your nation and the whole world.

Knowledge within you knows what you need to do to play your part because this is the wisdom that God has placed within you. But you will never see the need for this Knowledge, nor will you call upon it or receive it graciously and humbly unless you understand the greater panorama of life that you are encountering and the Great Waves of change that are coming to the human family.

If you can see these things, you will know that you are blessed and that the Creator of all life, who loves humanity, has now given humanity a new beginning, a greater chance and a greater opportunity to fulfill your ancient destiny here.

Let this be your understanding.