Humanity’s encounter with greater extraterrestrial forces is imminent now and is being greatly felt by many people around the world. Some retreat into their ancient religions, prophesying the end or the beginning. Others go into a state of prolonged confusion and ambivalence and are unable to function, even in the affairs of daily life. And others try to move forward, try to break the bonds of the past and enter a greater and new understanding.

These represent the three primary responses that any person can have to great change, and they are demonstrated on a mass level. Faced with great change, you can either go away from it, you can go against it or you can go towards it.

To go away from great change is to enter fantasy and confusion and to become preoccupied with little things to the exclusion of everything else. This represents all of the addictive behavior of humanity and the many manifestations of human preoccupation.

To go against great change means to hold fast to old ideas and to oppose the emergence of change, to fight against the tides of change, to completely identify with something in the past and use it to resist the present and the future.

To go towards great change requires that one break free of the bonds of the past sufficiently to be able to gain a new understanding, to break new ground psychologically and emotionally, and to attempt to extend and to open to new possibilities.

Each of these three responses is inherent within each person, yet one will always be predominant. That is to say, people are capable of responding in any one of these ways to great change, but they will tend to respond primarily in one way.

Each of these responses has certain benefits and certain liabilities. Each has great risks. That is why it is necessary to learn The Way of Knowledge and to develop the wisdom to experience Knowledge and to express Knowledge.

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