The seas will rise. Within the next century and a half, they will rise over a hundred feet. Where are you going to live? What will happen to your ports and cities and your prime farmland? What will happen to the deltas of the world and the millions who live there? Who will take them in when they must flee their nation, unable to survive there any longer? It is this you must consider.

Look at a map of the world and see what will be lost. The majority of the major cities of the world will be flooded and will not be able to be protected. What will happen to all the people who must leave, even in the wealthy nations and their cities and their coastlines? Where will they go? What will they do, they, along with you and your recent ancestors, who have changed the climate of the world? As the icecaps melt, as the glaciers melt, as water becomes ever more precious and drought grows worldwide, these are the things that must be mitigated now while you still have a chance to do so. Do not think there are other problems that are more significant than this. Do not discount this.

Do not wait until the skies grow dark and the waters rise and the lands dry out and the people are desperate. For then it will be too late to do much of anything, for yourself or for others.

Face this. Yet if you do face it, you will be frightened at first, but you will gain strength as you continue to recognize the great need that is emerging. It will help you re-evaluate your life and to give up little and dangerous and harmful things. It will be the perfect impetus and inspiration for you to bring your life and mind in order and to learn how to follow Knowledge—the deeper intelligence within, for that is the meaning of all true spirituality and all true religion.

Do this for yourself. Do this for your children. Do this for everything you love and appreciate about the world. But beyond this, do this for those who sent you here, who are watching to see if you can respond.

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