What will it take for humanity to cease its hostilities towards one another? Do we have an individual responsibility in ending war? What motivates countries to go to war? This video highlights the causes of war and the possibility of ending war by tapping into our innate compassion and awakening our sense of personal accountability.

  • 00:00 We must find a way to end war. Our economies, our nations and human civilization as a whole can not afford war. Consumerism and greed are driving conflict over resources.
  • 01:09 Oppression and conflict arise from the desire for more resources, leading to deprivation and the fight for freedom, food, water, and security.
  • 01:37 Today’s war produces more costs than benefits, making it a moral and practical issue.
  • 01:51 Our focus on constant growth is depleting the planet and causing wars.
  • 02:02 War can lead to the destruction and subjugation of humanity.
  • 02:08 War can be ended if we embrace compassion, personal accountability, and abandon endless growth, choosing peace over conflict.