There are three stages in the process of seeing, knowing and acting. There is seeing a sign. Something stimulates you. You recognize something must be done. There is a time to contemplate, a time of knowing what this is, feeling the need to take it into your mind and your heart. Then there is a time of action.

The knowing aspect of this, the second part of this process, involves a deeper resonance and self-inquiry. One must ask, “Is this the truth? Must I take action regarding this?” You can even take a position against what you are seeing to see what kind of response occurs within you. You may test it in this way. You may challenge it. But in the end, if it is true, you will see there is a great certainty that action must be taken regarding that which you see and know.

The third stage is taking action. Once this is recognized, the sooner you take action, the better. Only in rare circumstances does waiting offer any benefit at all. Most people are far overdue in taking action regarding things that they have seen and known.

The action itself may have many stages. It may be a very long process. Even a specific change that must be undertaken in one’s life may have many steps involved. You may only know the first few, but it is necessary to move with Knowledge. Only then will you know if what you are seeing is true. Only then will you know its great importance for your life.

It takes time to change one’s thinking and one’s circumstances. It takes time, planning and consideration to alter one’s outer circumstances or to change one’s relationship with certain people. These things all take time. In many cases, they can be difficult because of the attachments that have been created and the lack of confidence that one has in oneself.”

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