There is a prevailing attitude in the world today that everything is quite relative to your perspective and viewpoint. People will say, “Well, that’s just one way of looking at it. There are other ways to look at it.” And while this holds true, it does not represent the truth. In other words, different viewpoints do yield different perceptions, but there is actually something beyond your viewpoint in order to see and to know.

This relativistic thinking then is so pervasive. It keeps people from recognizing what is essential within themselves and the world. It keeps them in a constant state of doubt and speculation about their own experience. It makes the obvious seem to be mixed in with everything else. They cannot tell what is real from what is unreal, what is genuine from what is not genuine. They think it is all their perception.

They do not realize that they need to become connected to what is happening in the world. They need to become connected to what is happening deep within themselves at the level of Knowledge. This is the foundation for relationship. This is the foundation for community. This is the foundation for being able to accomplish anything with anyone.

In The Greater Community Way of Knowledge, you are prepared to discover your destiny, your purpose and those key relationships that you will need to make your life fulfilling and complete here. This will take you away far beyond where you have ever gone before. In a way, what you have done before will not be what you rely upon now.

Instead, there will be a greater current pulling you forward. You will continue to have good days and bad days, days when you feel clear, days when you feel unclear, days when things are in focus, days when things are out of focus. But something will be driving you forward. It is connected to life. It is connected to the Greater Community. It is connected to who you are. They are all connected. They are all in dynamic relationship.

You can experience this. You must experience this. This is calling to you. This is waiting for you. This is meant for you.

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