Summary of Major Ideas:

Living for the moment may provide temporary satisfaction, but true fulfillment and purpose come from planning for the future and following your destiny.

  • 00:00 Living just for the moment is an escape.
  • 00:46 You were born with a purpose. You cannot rid yourself of your purpose, even if you live in the moment seeking constant stimulation and experiences.
  • 01:40 There is a driving force within us that cannot be fulfilled by the world. This force leads each of us to a sense of purpose and destiny, if we will follow it.
  • 02:44 Your destiny is a blueprint that guides you towards a purpose beyond superficial satisfaction. So even a difficult future has purpose and destiny written all over it.
  • 03:46 Living only for the moment leaves a fundamental unmet need – no amount of therapy or indulgence or acquisition can satisfy this unmet need. As you mature – bigger things begin to arrive to concern you. This brings you closer to purpose and destiny.