There is a mysterious force within the individual that creates its own pressure like a volcano that wants to erupt, building up its internal pressure. This is the power of personal revelation that is growing strength in the individual, particularly as the individual begins to learn of it and consider it and to realize they are here for a greater purpose, not simply to survive and to secure comforts or to indulge in fantasies, but they are here to serve in a greater way.

This potential lives in each person, but at any moment, it is more alive in certain people than in others. It is closer to the surface in certain people. It is more ready to emerge in certain people. Those are the ones that the Angelic Host is watching carefully, who have the power to emerge from their deep and troubled sleep, to awaken to a new experience within themselves, a new sense of purpose and destiny, and a great change in perspective in their engagement with the world.

It is those who are close that will gain the attention of the great Angelic Forces who oversee the world. Like great gardeners, they are waiting to see which sprouts emerge from the surface, which of the seedlings begin to grow and to expand and show promise. Who is stirring? Who has the potential to emerge out of the cocoon of their former life, the constriction and the restraint of their former life?

What will change the world has to have this internal ingredient, or it is just a movement of people and resources, which is beneficial to a point if it is moving in the right direction. But for it to move in the right direction, it must have this greater human motivation. It must have the power of Knowledge behind it.

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