Summary of Major Ideas:

True healing and fulfillment come from reconnecting with our true nature and reuniting with the deeper spiritual intelligence within us. As humanity faces a critical turning point – this is what will guide and protect each of us in the future.

  • 00:00 Part of us is living in the sensory world – the world we can see and touch, and part of us is still connected to timeless Creation to which we will all eventually return. True healing comes from connecting these two aspects of ourselves. This allows us to give our true gifts to the world and creates true redemption.
  • 00:42 The part of you that lives in the Mystery needs the part of you that lives in Separation so that it can give it’s great gifts to the world – through you. And the part of you that lives in Separation needs the part of you that is living in the Mystery so you can give your true gifts to the world.
  • 01:10 Reunion is not simply with your Source, but with your true nature as you really are, as you were before you came, as you will be before you depart.
  • 01:45 The New Message is giving us this greater understanding, so that you may play your part in this great turning point for humanity.
  • 02:00 Humanity faces a critical turning point that will determine its fate and future, as our minds were created to serve knowledge. If the mind does not serve Knowledge, it will find other authorities to serve – other minds, ideas, systems of belief or theories. And the world demonstrates in innumerable ways the result of this.
  • 03:25 Steps to Knowledge then is a return to wholeness. Not an idea of idea of wholeness – but a different state altogether – which is in the world but not of the world.
  • 04:13 Reuniting with our deeper spiritual mind is the key, and the preparation for this must come from a greater Source because no one on the earth, no one living in Separation can possible know the way.
  • 04:50 Your life then is either a meaningful participant or a lost opportunity. This is how the New Message speaks of you and your life: your life is either very important or not important.
  • 05:47 The mystery of who you really are is always present, and returning to stillness is the opportunity to reconnect with that mystery.