As received by
Marshall Vian Summers
on April 26, 2011
in Boulder, Colorado

Hear the original spoken revelation:

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Your eyes and ears only perceive reality within a certain band of a greater spectrum. Your senses were created to navigate the physical world and all of its opportunities, hazards and uncertainty. Most people are engaged in the world purely on this basis, often oppressed by poverty or political oppression and the constraints of family expectations, and cultural trends and attitudes.

But your senses are capable of perceiving more refined things that are outside the normal spectrum of human perception. This requires a refinement of your sensitivities and a greater degree of discernment as to what you are perceiving and whether you should engage with it or not.

There are many forces in the mental environment that are both positive and negative concerning your well-being. So if you are going to venture beyond the normal range of perception and experience, you must have a foundation in Knowledge, the deeper Intelligence that God has given you. And you must develop a greater objectivity and discernment regarding your own experience, as if you were venturing into new territory and had to be very careful and observant, very watchful of the environment and careful not to jump to premature conclusions or to make grand assumptions about your new experiences.

Some people are born with a greater perceptual range that has always been with them. But it has been a source of grief, discomfort and alienation from others as a result for many people—more of a curse than a blessing. But it is a blessing, and it portends greater things.

But it must have the right framework and understanding and approach, the right preparation for these greater abilities to be cultivated and to use wisely, according to their true design and purpose. You cannot use them for your personal ambitions to gain wealth or privilege or to win the love or affection of others, for the greater powers within you will not succumb to these kinds of motivations.

While it is possible to exert greater force and influence upon another, greater powers are beyond the reach of the intellect and cannot be harnessed for personal advantage. The greater powers within you are connected to the Greater Powers beyond you. They respond to one another. You cannot incite the greater powers on your own until you come into service to the Greater Powers beyond yourself.

This is a common mistake that many people make. A very consequential error it is and can lead to dangerous pursuits, leading a person to become ever more unstable and disassociated from the world around them.

Knowledge here must become your guide increasingly as to what can be approached and what must be avoided; what is a fruitful pursuit and what is a dangerous one; what forces in the mental environment are beneficial and what will undermine your confidence, and even what forces that can take control of your mind.

There are hazards here, as there are hazards in all aspects of life and in all endeavors. You cannot have a foolish or childish approach to these greater things without putting yourself in jeopardy and making many false claims and assumptions.

There are hazards in the mental environment, and there are hazards approaching the greater powers within yourself and beyond yourself. Here Knowledge within you is of central importance, for it will determine that which must be approached and that which must be avoided, that which is true and that which is untrue, that which you must find and that which you must avoid.

This also requires wise companionship with others, for you cannot see everything on your own, and everyone has blind spots—things that they cannot see directly or discern correctly. You will need wise companions. You will need a true teacher, eventually, for you cannot lead yourself, for you do not know where you are going.

You need the correct preparation, for there are many preparations that will take you nowhere or are only there to enhance your personality. They may speak of greater powers and greater forces. They may even speak of miracles and sainthood, but they cannot lead you up this greater mountain.

There are many foolish and incorrect beliefs, pursuits and assumptions that pervade the spiritual landscape, especially to the extent that it has been made available to a public that has no true purpose and that does not understand the true nature of the engagement with Greater Powers.

Knowledge within you will initiate a relationship with the Greater Powers. These Greater Powers are really greater individuals. They are not merely forces of persuasion that exist in the mental environment. They are actually greater individuals. But this engagement will not be on your terms, and it will not meet your romantic notions. Nor can you use them [the Greater Powers] to offset your own insecurity and to bolster yourself, for they will not respond to you unless your request is authentic and you are actually in a position to see, know and do greater things.

They will set the terms of engagement because they are wise and powerful. You are the young apprentice that does not know anything and is still filled with false assumptions and incorrect ideas.

Again, We must warn you that the greatest emphasis here is on the power of Knowledge within yourself. For there are greater powers in the mental environment that are extremely dangerous, and you must have the guidance of Knowledge to know when and where and how to apply yourself here. There are powerful individuals beyond your visual range, beyond your sensory perception, who you should not be in contact with under any circumstances, though they may appear to be very alluring and powerful.

This is not meant to discourage you, but to prepare you, to forewarn you. This is not a child’s game. This is not a casual pursuit. This is not something you do for fun or for thrills or for excitement or for self-importance. That is why these matters should never be discussed casually, except with other true students of Knowledge, and then only under certain circumstances.

You can be sure if people are discussing these things amongst themselves in public places or in a casual way, that they do not really understand what they are dealing with, and they are vulnerable to powerful persuasions. They have put themselves in a position of jeopardy.

You must have a serious mind and a careful approach. This is not a pastime you are dealing with here, or a hobby. That is why the New Revelation emphasizes taking the Steps to Knowledge as a prerequisite and also as a concurrent study to any other activity of education or contact you might have.

People are giving themselves over to the extraterrestrial presence in the world, thinking it is spiritual and almost angelic. They do not realize they are dealing with a dangerous presence whose purpose is to undermine human freedom and sovereignty in this world despite the proclamations to the contrary.

Knowledge will lead you down the right corridor. It will open the right door. It will lead you to the right person in the world. It will connect you with the greater power that is there for you.

Next, you must understand that the Greater Powers are not there whenever you want them. They do not abide with you. They have important work to do in this world and other worlds. You are but one of the contact points, one potential recipient. They have many others. They are like the country doctor that must travel over long distances to see his or her patients.

Therefore, your request for guidance may be answered in a day or a year, largely dependent upon your approach, your readiness and your maturity. For people ask for many things that they cannot really deal with. They want great power. They want great vision. They want great abilities. But they do not have the foundation for this or the capacity for this.

For having a greater Knowledge and Wisdom is a burden and sets you apart from others and must be accompanied by great skill and wisdom, or it can overwhelm you or break you down.

That is why the ambitious are never responded to by the Greater Powers, except those powers that seek to undermine or control people. That is why those who are full of their self-importance and want to have the grandeur of thinking of themselves as a great teacher or avatar will never be amongst the chosen. Those who proclaim themselves broadly, who proclaim their skills and their enlightenment, must be approached very cautiously.

The truly advanced do not do this. They reserve themselves for the true student. They do not proclaim to uplift the average person who has no preparation, no readiness and no capacity to experience greater forces of life.

That is why the New Revelation, God’s Message to the world, provides the Steps to Knowledge so that this journey can be taken safely, and that the individual has the opportunity to unlearn that which is untrue and to gain the skills of discernment and discretion that are necessary to approach the Greater Powers.

When you think of the Greater Powers in the truest sense, you think of relationships with greater individuals, but they are not the individuals you want. They are not glorious and glamorous and gorgeous. They are not going to work miracles through you. That is your ambition. That is your fantasy.

No, they will help to prepare you to take on greater responsibilities, greater service in the world, and strengthen you so you can carry a greater load, a greater weight and the capacity to serve people in a larger way.

This is a long preparation. You cannot go to a seminar and learn these things. You must take the long journey. You cannot just have it all now. It is not there for the taking. You must develop the necessary wisdom and self-restraint in order to approach the greater forces of life and to be able to receive from the Greater Powers that which is meant for you.

This is not a safe journey for the unwary or the impatient or the person who demands that they get what they want. They will lead themselves off in another direction. They will make themselves vulnerable to very divisive forces. That is why We provide this very sober approach.

You who have a greater purpose for being in the world must undergo the correct preparation and orientation. These are not things that you create or determine. You do not come to God on your terms, or in your time frame, or according to your expectations. This is part of the humility you must have in your approach; the patience you must exercise; the forbearance you must bring to your own passions, desires and motivations.

You come to this greater encounter because you are called, but you do not know what this means, and you cannot wisely make assumptions about it or what it will yield or provide for you. You must submit yourself. But you do not do this blindly.

You do not give your life over, for the Greater Powers will not accept this. You cannot relinquish your responsibilities of being a person in the world who must manage your affairs correctly and engage with others wisely, with discretion and discernment. In fact, developing this discretion and discernment is a large part of your training and preparation. Everything you say, everything you do, becomes important now.

You cannot be lost in the world. You must know the forces that are affecting you—the persuasions of others, the limitations of your engagements, the meaning of your attractions and the things that you want to avoid.

That is why when many people approach the true path, a true path of preparation, many fall away because they realize the curriculum is more demanding than they expected. They will actually have to face things and become more honest with themselves and question their engagements and obligations. People fall away and will go somewhere else, seeking the rewards that they think are theirs.

That is why ultimately it is Knowledge that brings you to Knowledge. At the beginning, people have other desires. They want community. They want love. They want support. They want pleasure. They want comfort. They want to be relieved of their burdens. Part of their pursuit is authentic, and part of it is not.

So it takes a preparation at the outset for them to begin to come to terms with the fact that their approach is not wholesome and honest yet and must become wholesome and honest, or they will not reach the Greater Powers. They will not find their greater purpose. They will not be in a position in life to assume greater responsibilities. And they will not take the time to develop the wisdom required to take this greater journey.

People think, “Well, this must only be for the rare person. This must only be for the adept person, for the virtuoso.” But We say no. People live slavishly, even in the wealthy nations. They have fallen to such a pathetic state, such an unintelligent approach to life, but that does not mean they are not here for a greater purpose and should not respond to a greater calling and develop a higher standard for themselves.

This is not for the adept. This is not for the rare and unique individual. This is not for the gifted. This is for you. This is for that person and that person and that person. No, they will not become superheroes, but they can become clear and powerful, wise and discerning, and allow Knowledge to correct and to guide their lives.

Who are you to say this should not be or cannot be just because people do not seek that which is truest and most fulfilling for themselves? Do not think you can be content with little things. Possessions and pleasures and pursuits alone, they will not satisfy the deeper need of your soul, and to think otherwise is to really be dishonest with yourself and with others.

Do not lower your standards because others have lowered theirs. Be careful whom you associate with, for they will lower your standards. Imperceptibly they will do this. You will succumb to their compromises, thinking that that is the way to be in life.

God’s New Revelation calls for the power of Knowledge in the individual. It calls people to a greater preparation and a greater involvement in the world. It provides the Steps to Knowledge. It provides the wisdom and commentary that people will need and that they cannot provide for themselves in order to respond to this calling, to take this journey and to assume these greater responsibilities and rewards.

The Greater Powers want to help you divest yourself of your foolishness and the things that you think are true that are not true, to bring you up this mountain so that you can see and not just think and believe. For once you attain the higher places on the mountain, the landscape becomes obvious, whereas before you could only surmise what it would be like.

As We have said, the higher powers within you respond to the Higher Powers beyond you because they are connected. Because at a deeper level, you are not just an individual, an isolated point in the universe, a floating object in space. You are connected. You are connected through relationship with others—both in the world and beyond the world, in this world and in other worlds. Your roots go deep. They spread in all directions.

The intellect cannot understand this. It is beyond human imagination, so do not try to conceive of this. Perhaps symbolically you can perceive of this, and that is fine, but do not try to think that you can conceive of what this means, for this is beyond the realm of the intellect. You must approach this with humility and reverence and not claim that you understand these things, or you will only proclaim your foolishness and lack of preparation.

That which is manifest can be comprehended. It can be fixed. It can be altered, in most cases. That which is beyond the physical must be approached very differently. Here you cannot be reverent to all things, for there are forces in the mental environment that are entirely harmful.

That is why you will need the power of Knowledge and the Greater Powers, the greater relationships, to help you to navigate this greater and more profound reality, this reality that brings you back into the world with a clarity of purpose and with the cultivation of the necessary abilities to begin to become a source of inspiration and direction for others.

You do not know what this means. This is not about having a perfect personality or having greater phenomenal powers. It is about being still and clear, compassionate and determined—a very different state than the glorious images that people might conceive for themselves, a very different state of mind—a mind of clarity and simplicity, a mind that is able to concentrate and be very focused and not pulled off guard by every force and whim of the environment, a mind that can face the beauty of life and of human contribution, a mind that can face the tragedy of life and human failure and loss, not with perfect equanimity, but with clarity and compassion.

This can only be described in general terms. You are not there yet. But you can be on your way there, and that is really the greater education that is before you now. This will require that you be well and stable in the world: Your health is strong. You are not beset by constant financial problems. You are not engaged in relationships that can only take you away and demean you. You are associated with others, even if it is only with one other, that can support your greater calling and response.

This is the most natural thing. It is the greatest thing. You may not know it at this moment, but it is the greatest event of your life to be receiving God’s New Revelation. Perhaps you will think it is, oh, another teaching, better than others perhaps, or different. But that means you are responding with your intellect and not with your heart and soul.

If you cannot respond to God and God’s Revelation, how are you going to respond to the deeper nature of yourself or other people because it is the same engagement, you see? If you cannot trust the Revelation, how will you trust yourself? How will you trust others? How will you trust the truth in any form?

You will think it is all about ideas and perspective. That is how the blind believe they can see. You will be critical. You will be jaded. You will be skeptical. You will be distrustful. You will think that something is deceptive because you are deceptive.

These are the people who are left outside the gate of the temple, who cannot enter in—not because they are unwelcome, but because they have cast themselves out. They cannot respond at a deeper level. They are not ready for a true engagement in life. They are lost in their ideas. Knowledge is with them, but they are somewhere else.

Therefore, you are blessed to receive this. It is a precious wisdom, more precious than you can understand or appreciate at this moment. But if you should undertake your greater calling and journey, you will see how important this is, and how it is a gift of love and grace for you, and how much this is needed in the world—everywhere, by everyone.

Let this be your understanding.