As received by
Marshall Vian Summers
on July 20, 2015
in Boulder, Colorado

Hear the original spoken revelation:

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There is so much to discourage you in the world. There is so much aggravation, so much violence, so much disappointment and so much uncertainty. It is so easy to fall into despair. It is so easy to doubt oneself and others. It is so easy to think the future is doomed in some way, or hopeless.

But what you must come to understand is that there is a Great Alliance, a Great Alliance that has sent you into the world, a Great Alliance that watches over you once you begin to become aware of yourself and your deeper needs.

The Great Alliance is not based upon world events. It is not a product of this world, or any other world. It represents the Reality from which you have come and to which you will return eventually.

It is a Great Alliance. It is complete. It is united. There is no dissension there. There is no conflict there. There is no aggravation there.

If you could remember beyond your worldly memories, you would have a feeling for this. It is a reality without images, necessarily, for what is really true, beyond time and space, is without images. So your mind cannot conjure it up, or imagine it, because the mind thinks in images or sounds, physical impulses of some kind.

It is important for you to know that this Greater Reality is connected to you and your presence in the world. For this will give you hope and encouragement that the world cannot give you. This will give you strength and determination that the world cannot give you.

This is power and strength of a very different kind. It is not based upon ambition or compulsion. It is not fraught with fear and [condemnation] or aggression towards others. It is a strength that is pure, that is whole and complete. You carry it within you like a treasure, you see, deep beneath the surface of your mind.

You are part of this Alliance though it is as yet unknown to you. You have always been a part of this Alliance. And you will always be a part of this Alliance in the future—no matter what you think or believe, no matter what you create for yourself in this world, no matter what position you adopt regarding yourself and others. Deep within you, beyond all the machinations of your worldly mind, is the Great Alliance.

You are an extension of this. If you were to become clear, if you could prepare fully, you would be a representative of this. In whatever endeavor was given you to do, you would represent this—in words and without words, by your very presence, by your manner of being, by your attitude towards others, by your forgiveness and your compassion, by your strength and your determination, born now of Heaven and not merely personal need or gratification.

It is the Great Alliance that will save you. But first you must make up your mind whether you are going to approach it and re-enter relationship with it, which is the most natural thing for you to do.

Your journey begins with disappointment in the world and the beginning understanding that your personal pursuits cannot fulfill you and will not fulfill you. No matter how hard you try, no matter what you achieve, no matter what you strive for, that which you seek is elusive because you are looking in the wrong place.

What your soul desires the world cannot provide. What the world provides is the opportunity for you to discover this great desire within yourself, this deeper need that supersedes all needs and does not change with changing circumstances.

The question is: Will you re-enter relationship with that which lives deep within you, with that which represents your permanent life, the life from which you have come and to which you will return?

It is knowing this. It is feeling this. It is returning again and again to this that will enable you to escape despair, self-repudiation and the repudiation of others.

You may pray to God for many things: for protection, for acquisition of things you desire, for safety from illness or calamity. You may pray for others for the same things or for specific things that they wish or need. But God has given to you already that which you need, and to them as well.

It is only waiting for the calling to awaken it, to bring you back to yourself—not the self the world has made, not what you have made of yourself in the world, but back to yourself as you really are—fundamentally, essentially.

But you must want this. You must see that you need this even to enable you to do the basic things in life with inspiration. You must see that you need this to face the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world, which will alter the face of the world, bringing great calamity and upheaval.

You must see you need this to escape the clouds that haunt you, the shadows that haunt you in your own mind: your own irresolutions, your deep regrets, your hostility towards certain people and your pervasive fear of not having, of losing, of perishing.

You may seek escape in all manner of things in this world, for this is a place of escape, but at some point you will realize that it is fruitless. There is no escape except to return, to return to the Great Alliance that shines within you—beyond the clouds of your mind, beyond the fog of your confusion, beyond the attitudes and opinions of others, beyond religious teachings of this world. It burns there. It is a light for you.

Waiting to be discovered it is, waiting to be experienced, waiting to be expressed, waiting to be followed as it leads you on a different path in life, a path not fully of your own making, a path leading in another direction, where you were not really planning to go before, a journey that has real promise and will not be a fruitless attempt to fulfill yourself with people, places and things.

The Alliance is watching and waiting, trying to hold you back from making another great mistake in your life, trying to bring you back to your deeper nature, to your stronger senses.

This is the Knowledge within you We speak of, which is part of the Great Alliance—a deeper Mind within you, beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect. It lives like a fire within you.

So many things can frighten you. So many things can terrify you. So many things can discourage you and disappoint you. So many things can harm you and damage you. But none of them can harm the Knowledge that lives within you and the Great Alliance of which it is a part.

It is the antidote to the Separation, the Separation that brought you into this world, the Separation that created the expanding universe in which you live, the Separation initiated at the beginning of time, where a small part of Creation decided it wanted to be in a different reality.

So God created the different reality, and you are living in that different reality—trying to survive, trying to be happy, trying to avoid loneliness and isolation, trying to have a meaningful life but failing again and again, trying to avoid your deeper sense of dissatisfaction, or running away from yourself into endless pursuits and activities and stimulation. You cannot sit still for five minutes you are so aggravated and driven.

When you can begin to see these things with your own eyes and feel them yourself, not just for a moment here and there but more continuously, you will realize that you cannot fulfill yourself. You will begin to realize there is something else about your life, something else about you and your destiny that is not the same as what you have been pursuing and attempting to fulfill.

Until this point of recognition, you are lost in the world. You are beyond reach. The Angelic Assembly cannot reach you except by giving you impulses here and there, which you may so easily neglect or misinterpret. You are beyond reach. They call for you, but you do not hear. They give you signs, but you do not see. They try to restrain you, but you force yourself to go on. They try to hold you back, but you persevere. Beyond reach, until you come to this turning point.

You come because you are beginning to be honest with yourself. The world is beautiful but dangerous. The world is fascinating but very distracting. True relationships are very rare because people are trying to fulfill themselves with one another. Their purpose and motivation is not true.

You are restless. You are nervous. You are aggravated. Your mind is fixated on various things. We are not being mean or harsh to you in saying these things. We are merely telling you the truth about where you are.

God is not condemning you. God is not punishing you. This is merely the result of living in Separation. For when you seek to leave Creation, you leave all that is splendid and wonderful within it into a different kind of reality—a changing reality, a reality of powerful forces you cannot control, a reality of hazards, a reality of demands, a reality of competition and adaptation to a harsh environment.

Since there is no real alternative to Creation, only something very different from it could be created, for this span of time, this great span of time that all who sought Separation can learn and evolve within it.

But with the Separation was the Great Alliance created, so that all who live in Separation may eventually discover the power of Knowledge within themselves and begin their return, through contribution to their world, to their places, to those around them, to rediscover relationship, to rediscover happiness, to rediscover satisfaction, to rediscover forgiveness, to rediscover kindness, to rediscover love—being loved, giving love.

That is what prepares you for Heaven. It is not believing in a religious ideology. It is not adhering to a religious faith specifically. The gates of Heaven are open to those who are ready for it. You are not yet ready for it, but you can become ready. And God is calling you to recognize this and to begin to prepare.

The return to Heaven is such a different life, a different way of being than what you are accustomed to—and so much more lighthearted, so much more gracious, so much more liberated, so much more compassionate and understanding.

This is how you prepare for your Ancient Home, by beginning to live it here in such a very different reality, by fulfilling the mission for which you were sent to give certain things to certain people.

If you are here on a mission, you have a destiny being here. You have a purpose for being here because the Great Alliance has given it to you, has given all these things to you.

You may leave God, but God does not leave you. Part of you is still connected to God. Part of you is still complete and whole and uncorrupted by the world, unspoiled by the world. It cannot be seduced, cannot be overtaken, cannot be destroyed. What freedom you will have when you know this is who you are.

This is the antidote to endless suffering. This is the antidote to endless anxiety and concern and self-repudiation. This is what religion is really about, so different from what people have made of it over time. This is why God initiated all of the religions. And they have all been changed by man.

It is all about the return, you see. It is all about the contribution you are here to make. It is all about your mission and purpose in being here, which only Knowledge within you holds for you.

You cannot figure it out. But you can move yourself into a position to prepare yourself for it, to build a foundation for it, so that it may naturally emerge, which it naturally will once this foundation has been built.

You do not just have it one day because you want it. For you are not ready for it. Your mind is still very confused and ambivalent about the truth. Yes, you want peace and happiness, but you want a lot of other things too. Yes, you want to experience true relationship, but you want a lot of other things too. So it takes time, through many stages, for the return to be successful and complete.

But God knows who you are and where you are. And God has found you like a speck upon the ocean, drifting, lost in the world, in the chaotic seas and the chaotic world.

Once you begin to listen and respond, then the power of Knowledge will begin to emerge within you, and you will begin a greater journey in life, perhaps very faltering at first, but you can still begin, and begin to take the Steps to Knowledge.

Now the Great Alliance begins to pay attention to you, for you are finally responding. You are finally coming to your deeper senses. You are finally beginning to tell the truth in your own experience.

But there is a long way to go. You have much to undo. You have much to forgive. You have much to recognize and come to terms with, and that takes time.

But that is what time is really for. Otherwise, you will use time to languish, to live a haphazard and fruitless life. This is time now well spent.

God is calling the world anew through a New Revelation for the world, given in a pure form, uncorrupted by man, unchanged by history, given in a pure form, given through a Messenger sent into the world for this purpose—recorded, transcribed, received, presented in the Word and the Sound of the Voice of the Revelation, which for the first time in history can be heard. A Voice such as that which spoke to the great Messengers of the past can now be heard by you and others. It is a miracle. It is amazing. You have no idea how important it really is. It is the Great Alliance, you see.

As the fog begins to clear in your mind, as the clouds begin to part in your awareness, you will begin to feel this Alliance and that you have a great connection with Heaven that is enabling you and supporting you in building a foundation for a greater life in the future.

You know not what it will look like, or how it will be built because you do not hold the plans, and you cannot invent them for yourself. But the plans have already been made for you, you see. How they will be expressed, where they will be expressed, is contingent upon many things, for this is a chaotic world. But the Plan is the Plan. And your heart yearns for this, seeks this, desires this above all things.

If you were truly honest with yourself, you would see this and feel it, and it would make perfect sense to you. But you have not gained this clarity yet. That is why this is a journey of many steps. That is why you must build a foundation of relationships, work, health and spirituality in this world so that Knowledge has a platform to speak through you—Knowledge, being your true Self, which is still connected to God.

It is a perfect Plan that can express itself in a very imperfect world. It cannot be made by man. It cannot be fashioned. It cannot be invented. You cannot buy it. Your prayers and your wishes will not establish it without you taking the real journey that you must take to restore yourself to your true integrity and dignity, purpose and direction.

This will take many steps. This will take time. But the outcome is assured because of the Great Alliance, because the Great Alliance is connected to who you are. And you are now allied to it increasingly.

It will not make all your decisions for you, for you must do this. You must face the consequences of your decisions. You must be responsible for your decisions. So do not go around saying that God is guiding you to do this or that, for how can you be sure? That is not how this works, you see. The motivation comes from deep within you. It must make you strong, not weak.

In this way, you become honest and humble without becoming weak and dependent, or helpless or hopeless. Heaven can now begin to move through you because you are strong enough to carry it. You are discreet enough to share it only with certain people. You are compassionate enough to have your mind be clear so that you can see clearly and understand what is going on around you, which is not possible when your mind is filled with judgment and condemnation.

You have to work your way back. You have to reconstruct your mind and your affairs under the guidance of the power of Knowledge that God has given you to accomplish this.

You cannot wish yourself to Heaven. You cannot simply escape the world, for you are meant to be here now with a greater purpose.

It is a perfect Plan. And once you begin to experience it, you will feel this perfection. And you will be grateful, so grateful, that you could be given this gift—that for you there is a way out.

It will challenge you, yes. It will be mysterious because you did not create it and cannot fully control it. But it will be perfect.

And you will see that you are part of a Greater Alliance. And you will know that you are but a small part. And you will honor the strength above you and the strength within you, for they are now united.