As received by
Marshall Vian Summers
on March 31, 2007
in Boulder, Colorado

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The New Message from God gives the individual tremendous power. It redirects your focus to the great endowment of Knowledge that the Creator of all life has placed within each person. If this Knowledge can be discovered, experienced, accepted and followed, then the individual will be able to establish a whole new foundation for living in the world. But this brings up the question of how much a person is responsible for their own experience, particularly before Knowledge can arise within them.

Today, as in times past, there is a great deal of discussion about the creative potential of the mind—how much you can affect your own experience by changing or redirecting your thinking, by affirming that which you desire and by overlooking or setting aside that which you do not desire.

Without Knowledge, the great endowment, to guide you, the mind will attempt to create its own reality, and you have only to look at the condition of the world to see the effects of this. People striving to get what they want, people striving to protect what they have, people striving to protect their privileges in life or to gain these privileges or to take them away from others, even people’s desire for justice—all these things have created immense suffering and calamity, not only for the individuals involved, but for the entire world.

Everything that happens in the world happens because someone wants it or needs it or desires it, and a good outcome is usually emphasized when the initial plans were laid. If you try to improve the quality of life without the great endowment, without the power and presence of Knowledge within you, you will only add to the conflict of the world. You will only add to the great decline in the world’s resources. You will act unitarily. You will deny the realities of the world to have what you want, to have your preferred outcome, to have your preferred life and to protect what you think you have already.

The great tragedy here is that you will attempt to do this in the face of the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world—the decline in humanity’s vital resources, the decline in the environment, the impact upon climate and weather and the great risk of conflict and war between groups and nations over the remaining resources.

In the face of all this, the individual who is trying to acquire what they want above all else can only be part of the problem and not part of the solution. And even if you want to be part of the solution, how can you do this without the great endowment to guide you? How can you be assured that your actions are truly beneficial and will not simply deprive others in the world in order for you to acquire what you desire?

You cannot assure this. If you look at humanity’s predicament with compassion and with wisdom, you will see that the conflict that is raging around the world and the greater conflicts that can emerge in the future will all be the result of people trying to create a better reality. They will make this attempt based upon their ideas, based upon their cultural values, based upon their national interests and based upon their own personal desires, not only for wealth, but for safety and security as well. It is not wrong to want these things, but it is destructive to attempt to gain them without the great endowment.

This is one of the reasons why the New Message from God is so essential in the world today because if humanity continues using the motivations that have gained it this position, these advantages and these calamities, the future of humanity will be more predictable and extremely grave.

To believe that you know what is good for the world, what is good for others and even what is good for yourself, that is taking a great risk. Every calamity began as someone’s good idea for themselves. Every social system that is proposed that has led to revolution, conflict, war and deprivation began in essence as a desire to improve humanity’s condition and to address and redress injustices and inequities.

Can you assume that you can know what is really good for the world? Today many people want both change and peace, and they do not see the contradiction in this. For change is not peaceful. It is difficult, challenging and upsetting if it is real change.

Yet people want change and peace. They expect others who do not have what they have to be peaceful—to be peaceful and cooperative with one another. They think that someone else should take care of the great problems of the world, and they blame others for the fact that the world is the way it is today. They do not see their own part of the responsibility in this. They do not see their own culpability in this. They do not see that by attempting to create a better reality for themselves, unaware to them, they are only adding to the problem.

The Creator of all life knows that humanity must unite and cooperate for the preservation of the world, to prevent ever increasing war, degradation and decline in the future. There will be more people wanting fewer resources. So you see, if everyone is committed to getting what they want, here you see the essence of what creates war, competition, conflict and all of the tragedies that follow.

But the Creator of all life also knows that humanity needs to improve its condition, and that is why the great endowment has been placed within each person. For only Knowledge within you knows what will really work for you and how your efforts and your actions can lead to a beneficial outcome in the world.

Consider this: Any social agenda that you propose, any political agenda that you espouse and that you further will be opposed by a large percentage of the population. Even if you think you have the perfect solution, the great idea, the best arrangement, what are you going to do with all those people who oppose you?

Perhaps they do not see the value of your ideas. Perhaps your ideas will strip them of their privileges. Perhaps they themselves have an entirely different proposal to make that they are furthering and that they are committed to. What are you going to do with these people? Override them? Subjugate them? Destroy them?

This is the inherent danger in people inventing schemes without the power and presence of Knowledge. This is the mind trying to control life. This is the mind playing God in the world. You have only to look at the results to see that in the end a few people are richly supplied, and everyone else is left in deprivation. And overall, the world is being deprived. It is being degraded. For you are now living in a world of decline.

The truth is that the mind is creative. It creates fantasies. It creates nightmares. It creates scenarios. It creates explanations for the past. It creates new ideas for the future. Your mind was created to be creative. It is creative.

But this creative power of the mind is meant to serve something greater than itself. Without its position as being in service to a greater power, well, the mind is self-fulfilling. It is self-serving. It is consuming. And it will struggle and it will fight, it will blame and it will condemn when it is deprived of its goals.

Your body is a beautiful instrument. It is marvelous in what it can do. But its real value is determined by what it serves. If it serves a conflicted agenda of the mind, then the body will do destructive things to itself and to other bodies and to the world around you.

Likewise, your mind is a fabulous instrument of communication. It is creative. It can comprehend the past. It can plan for the future. Indeed, the mind is a great membrane between your worldly existence and your spiritual reality. It is perceptive and creative, even to its own detriment, even to its own disadvantage.

So certainly re-orienting the mind to create things of value and meaning is very important, and many people are becoming aware of this. They realize that they determine their experience to a great degree by how they evaluate what they see around them, how they associate themselves and disassociate themselves. They see the power and the potential of the mind in this regard.

However, what many people do not see is that the mind is meant to serve the greater power of Knowledge within the individual. If you are unaware of the great endowment, this great power, the mind will be reckless. It will be self-serving. It will be judgmental. It will be a harsh and oppressive ruler in your life and potentially in the lives of others.

Here the creative power of the mind and its greater potential in the future become undermined because it does not really serve the greater power within you. For in the true hierarchy of your mind, there is the body serving the mind, the mind serving the Spirit and the Spirit serving the Creator.

But if this true hierarchy is not established within your life and experience, then you will try to think and believe that you know what is best for you and for others, and you will attempt to assert this into the world. And here again, you see the seeds of conflict. You see the self-serving nature of this approach. It is fundamentally in error, not because the mind is not creative—the mind is creative. It is in error because the true hierarchy of your Being has not been recognized and established.

If the mind serves itself, it will be fundamentally competitive and destructive. It will always want more of what it thinks it wants and needs. Beyond meeting certain basic survival requirements, it will always want more. It will never have enough. It will want more of this and more of that—more pleasure, more security, more recognition, more approval, more power, more dominance, more beauty.

All these things become addictions of the mind. They cannot be satiated. You want more. You gain more. You are not satisfied. Of course, most people do not even have enough to really live a balanced and harmonious life. So the more you want for yourself, the more you draw from the limited resources of the world and the more you deprive other people.

You cannot escape this predicament. You cannot come up with a new idea, a new scheme or a new plan to resolve this fundamental problem. That is why God has placed Knowledge within you, for only Knowledge knows how to resolve this.

Only Knowledge knows how to provide advancement, security and fulfillment for you. And only Knowledge knows how to do this in such a way that it does not deprive others or the world, and that your pursuit of safety, security and fulfillment becomes beneficial for others because it is guided by Knowledge.

Your intellect, as creative as it is, cannot figure this out. It does not have this depth of wisdom. It is not connected to life sufficiently. It does not have the clarity and the comprehension to do this.

That is because the mind is a vehicle of expression. Its source is the great endowment, and the source of the great endowment is the Creator of all life. Whether you are a religious person or not, whether you practice within a faith tradition or not, this is the fundamental reality of your life.

If you are unaware of Knowledge, you will be constantly striving to get what you want and avoid what you do not want, and you will be in constant judgment, frustration and indignation over the behavior and the thoughts of others and the condition of the world. The end result is you will be nothing more than a consumer, and you will be adding nothing more to the world than more judgment and condemnation—adding to the fuel of conflict that is already raging here.

There are some people who believe that everything that happens to them is the result of their own creativity, however misguided. But what they fail to see is that everyone else is creating their reality too, and that the impact in the mental environment—the environment of thought and influence—is so much immensely greater by what everyone else is creating than what you individually can create that to think that you can produce all these results for yourself simply by directing the will and the power of the mind is to ignore the will and the power of all other minds.

This assumption, then, certainly reinforces and is based on the belief in Separation. It does not take into account the effect that minds have upon one another. It does not recognize the impact and the influence of the mental environment. Though it may proclaim that everyone has the potential to recreate their experience, it does not take into account the fact that the mental environment is completely dominating for most people—to the point where very few people even have original thoughts. They are simply recycling all the influence that they are absorbing and have been absorbing since the day they were born.

And because human beings are essentially social creatures, they will always tend to associate with whatever group they identify with, whatever group they think is giving them promise and purpose, meaning and security.

The freedom of the mind, then, is really not possible within the mental environment. It is but a little light surrounded by millions of other lights. The only way out of this predicament is for the mind to follow Knowledge because Knowledge is not influenced by the mental environment. It is the only part of you that is beyond influence or manipulation from any source.

That is why it is your foundation for freedom. It is indeed Knowledge that will create a new life for you, create a new reality and a new experience for you. Only it has the power to do this because it is unaffected by the mental environment in which you live.

To think that you could create your reality without this is to invest yourself in an immense fantasy, an immense self-deception. It is based on ignorance and arrogance.

You do not realize the impact of all the social and religious conditioning around you and what you have done and will do to accommodate whatever group or network of people that you associate with. You will realize how shallow your understanding of things really is, what an oversimplification your basic ideas really are. And in a moment of real sobriety and self-honesty, you will realize how little you really understand of anything.

This moment of sobriety, though perhaps painful, is a moment of humility. And with that humility, you can gain a new understanding, a new recognition, of where your true power resides. Because personal power has very little power, it is a blind and presumptuous assertion, an assertion without a true foundation and without a true direction.

For the true foundation and the true direction can only be provided by Knowledge. And Knowledge is not something you can control. You cannot make Knowledge want what you think you want. You cannot make Knowledge give you what you think you must have.

Knowledge is more powerful than the mind. It knows why it is here. It is here on a mission because you are here on a mission. Unaware of this mission, you will keep trying to satisfy the deeper needs of your soul by acquiring people, possessions and experiences. You will be in constant fear that you could lose all of these things, which are threatened by so many different things.

It is a hopeless attempt at fulfillment. It is the attempt to make Separation work. It is the attempt to be God in your own universe and to fulfill yourself as God in your own universe, but it is essentially hopeless.

Having a new idea or a new possibility, what is this going to do but simply cast you on another hopeless journey and use up more of your precious time in the world chasing another idea? The mind is desperate, but in the end, eventually, you must yield to the recognition that you yourself do not create reality. You only interpret reality. And the creative power of the mind is meant to serve a Greater Reality that exists both within you, within the great endowment of Knowledge, and beyond you, in Knowledge in the whole universe.

When you make this discovery, which will likely arise in times of great self-doubt and disillusionment, then your life will begin to have promise. Until this happens, you are still trying to exhaust your ideas and your prescriptions. And as you age, the darkness of disappointment will grow. The sense of helplessness will haunt and pursue you. And you will constantly feel defeated by others and by the world.

You need a greater power in your life. The greater power has already been given you. It is the great endowment. It is Knowledge. You may pray to God for many things—to be saved from this or to have that or even to save other people from calamity—but the real Gift has already been given you.

It is tragic that so few people in the world have discovered the Gift. They are still looking for the secret. They think it is just a secret: an idea, a plan, an understanding. Well, that is all of the mind.

The Gift is the Gift of the Creator. The Creator knows that you cannot fulfill yourself here without Knowledge. The Creator knows that humanity will fail without Knowledge. The Creator knows that your relationships and all your attempts at satisfying your deeper needs will not be truly fulfilled without Knowledge.

When you can see this, it will bring such a sense of relief to you and so much gratitude. For you will see that though you have been trying to fulfill yourself in your state of separation and isolation, you are really not separate, and you are really not isolated, and that even if all your plans have failed, a Greater Plan in you can now emerge.

This is when your life has promise. This is when your actions have a far-reaching benefit for others. Instead of you struggling to get a bigger piece of the pie, competing with everyone else who is struggling to get and keep a bigger piece of the pie, you will be operating on an entirely different foundation, guided by a far greater power than anything the mind itself can create.

But the pathway here is very different from the path of attempting to fulfill yourself. Here instead of building an aggregate of ideas and beliefs, a complex and burdening belief system, you begin to open the mind. Instead of having answers, you become present to others and to the world. Instead of explaining the suffering of others and using the suffering of others to validate your own beliefs and ideas, you become present to others to offer whatever is needed to them.

You become one less person that is judging, criticizing and condemning the world. You become one less person who is only here to consume for their own benefit. You become one less person who is demanding that others believe what they believe, to conform to what they determine what is right and rightful.

Here you become a peacemaker because you are bringing the Presence with you, not because you have a whole idea about what peace is and how it can be achieved.

Unless your role in life is to be a negotiator in conflict resolution and you are very, very well educated in this, do not pretend that you know or can assume you can understand with your simple ideas how nations and groups of people can be brought to a place of cooperation with one another.

Do not be arrogant unless you know a great deal about these subjects. In fact, have no opinions about things that you know little about, for that is arrogant and ignorant together, a very unfortunate combination.

Here instead of adding to your ideas, adding to your possessions, adding to your beliefs until the mind becomes like concrete where it can only defend its position, where it can only defend its ideas, where it itself becomes just another antagonist and combatant in a life full of antagonists and combatants, instead you come with the mind being open to see and to know and to wait for the moment of action.

Here you are unburdened of assumptions and beliefs and admonitions. Here you are not defending an ideology. You are coming to serve in any way that Knowledge can indicate for you to serve. Here the mind is subservient instead of pretending that it is dominant.

It is amazing that people’s greatest success arises out of their sense of failure. When you finally give up the hopeless pursuit of fulfilling yourself and trying to make Separation work, well, you will feel like such a failure.

But really what is happening is you are opening yourself to the presence of Knowledge. Only it knows how to guide and protect you. Only Knowledge knows how you will be able to navigate the Great Waves of change that are coming, the difficult times ahead.

These things are always either neglected or disputed by people who are trying to create their own reality because you will not have any time to create your own reality if you have to deal with all these circumstances, these difficulties and challenges. People will not have time to sit around dreaming of such things if their life is imperiled, if the foundation of their existence is challenged and is eroding away from underneath them.

The truth is you need these challenges, or you will simply continue to dream and sleep—dreaming of what you could be and have and do, dreaming and dreaming and dreaming. Meanwhile, your life is neglected. The world goes unrecognized and unsupported by you. You are caught up in a hopeless trap of attempting and failing to fulfill yourself, hoping the next great idea, the next great proposition that comes along, will make all the difference.

What is being presented here is of immense value and importance. It is the thing which can liberate you. But you must have the openness, the humility and the trust in Knowledge within yourself and within others to be able to embark on such a journey, a journey that is so different from the journey that perhaps you are accustomed to.

The New Message from God is here to provide the Steps to Knowledge so that people everywhere—from every faith tradition, in every nation, from every background—will have the possibility, the chance, to find the great endowment for themselves.

This great endowment is not a secret. It is a Gift. It is not something that a few people know about it, but they have not been telling anyone else. No, it is a Gift. It is the Gift in you. Only it knows what this Gift is, how it can be expressed, what it will look like, how it will manifest, who will need to come to you to assist you in bringing forth this Gift and where it will need to be placed and so forth.

Here you must be willing to assist Knowledge. Here you must be willing to not be God in your universe, but part of Creation itself. Here you have a real possibility to become a force for good, for your life is meant to be a contribution to a world in need.

You are meant to come into the world at this time, under these circumstances, and to face and prepare for the Great Waves of change that are coming. And you make a contribution to the world in the face of these great challenges and difficulties.

Have the humility, then, to realize you do not know how to do this. You do not know what it will look like. And you do not really understand what it means. But it is in you to bring this Gift forth. It is there.

Do not judge others then. For if you are honest with yourself, you will see how long it has taken for you to even come to the beginning of this journey and to recognize the need for Knowledge.

Understand that everyone is either trying to fulfill their ideas or they are coming to Knowledge. And there are so many steps in between these two very different understandings and ways of life, and people are strung out along the pathway. You who can hardly understand your deeper nature are not in a position to judge and evaluate others.

The great dilemmas of the world, the tragedies of the world, may seem incomprehensible. But they are not God proof. You do not need to figure everything out. You just need to follow the way that Knowledge will take you. It will take you there without your ideas, beliefs and understanding, necessarily.

Some of these things may continue to be useful to you in your journey, but you are a follower now and not a leader. But you are a follower following something within you. You are becoming inner directed rather than simply controlled and manipulated by the immensely powerful forces in the mental environment around you—forces of your family, your religion, your government, your social group, your friends and whatever ideology they espouse.

Knowledge is here for people from all walks of life, all religions, all ideologies because every ideology has some value and merit, but only Knowledge within you and within others can use this merit and this value. That is the power and the wisdom of Knowledge.

You have an opportunity to be a witness to this growing and emerging and expressing itself through your life. And this, indeed, will be the miracle that will renew to you your fundamental relationship with yourself, with others, with the world and with God. This is the Gift, and it is waiting to express itself through you.