People think that God is subject to all the weaknesses and distractions of the personal mind. They think that God is angry or vengeful or jealous, which is, of course, ridiculous. How could the Creator of the entire universe be angry, vengeful or jealous? People think that God thinks like they do, with all of their weaknesses and weak dispositions.

Some people will think that Knowledge is like this too, but it is not. That is what makes it so very different from your personal, social mind. That is what gives it power and consistency, strength and determination. For Knowledge within you cannot be seduced or induced by anything in the world. It only responds to Knowledge in others, and it only responds to God.

You are so fortunate to have such a magnificent and trustworthy guide within yourself. And as you gain altitude on this mountain and learn to see beyond the tops of the trees and the limits of the valleys, you will begin to see that Knowledge really is your true Self, a Self that is not apart from life.

You will see that being true to Knowledge is, in the purest sense, being true to yourself. You will see that you could never give your life fully to another person unless you are guided by Knowledge to do this, and that all other commitments and arrangements were by their very nature incomplete and limited in time.

Here the emergence of Knowledge makes true union with another possible. This establishes marriage at a complete level, at a deeper level, beyond the limits of the intellect—a marriage or a friendship or a partnership that transcends human understanding and that has the power and the grace of God within it.

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