People do not realize that God has given them a Mind like God’s—a deeper Mind, a Mind that has not been corrupted by the world. They think God’s Mind is like their personal mind, just bigger and more powerful. Here the notions of a jealous God, an angry God, a vengeful God arise in people’s imagination. That is because they are projecting upon God their own tendencies and their own predicament.

If God is all powerful, how could God be insecure? If God knows the mistakes you are going to make, why would God punish you for making them? If God knows that without Knowledge your mind would be confused and lost in the world, why would God punish you for this? That would be like punishing a baby for crying, or punishing a child for being childish. This is ignorant, and yet these ideas are very prevalent in the world, very prevalent among certain people in certain institutions who claim to represent the Divine will and purpose in the world.

God knows that the physical existence is difficult and problematic and that within this, people will be frightened, terrified and driven by the circumstances of life. That is why God has placed Knowledge within you and within all sentient beings—as a source of guidance; as a source of correction, protection and inspiration.

God has created the perfect antidote and the perfect correction for error. God does not expect perfection of you here, only greater service to the well-being of others and to the well-being and preservation of the world.

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