For you to experience your relationship with God, you must realize that you have come from a place of reality to establish that reality in a place where it has been forgotten and denied. This is your purpose. God has given you Knowledge, your spiritual power, to accomplish this task. To say it in a different way, you have come from your Ancient Home to a place where you are away from Home in order to establish your Ancient Home here.

Is this to mean, then, that you are to establish Heaven on Earth? Only partially. The Earth cannot be Heaven. Yet you can experience Heaven while you are in the world. The world will continue to be a physical place—a place of growth, change and decay, a place of changing circumstances and opposing forces. Here you do not need to misrepresent the world by believing that it is your Ancient Home. Here you do not need to ignore the world’s reality in order to support a spiritual idea about the world. For the world will continue to be the world. Yet your experience of it can be utterly transformed. And it needs to be transformed for you to find fulfillment, happiness and contribution here.

Let us explore this further. You have come from a place of absolute reality where there are no questions and the answer is fully experienced to a place where there are innumerable questions and no apparent answers and, therefore, no foundation for true experience. For only reality can be truly experienced, and any substitute for reality can only be entertained and imagined for a certain period of time. This is why the world can only be experienced for a certain period of time. Everything in it can only be experienced for a certain period of time. That is why your span of time in the world is limited. For you to experience the world permanently, the world would have to be like your Ancient Home from which you have come. This would not be the world that you currently experience. This would not be the world which you currently share with others. In fact, it would not be the world at all.

The emphasis here is not to attempt to make the world perfect, but to bring your experience of your Ancient Home into the world so that the evolution of the world may be served and furthered. In this way, you may make your specific contribution while you are here so that the separation between this place and your Ancient Home may be dissolved.

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