Summary of Major Ideas:

It is important when speaking to those who are fixated religiously, to talk about the freedom of the mind, to not be bound by religious beliefs and assumptions. For this will blind you to other people. It will blind you to other faith traditions. It will blind you to the Work of God, who moves through all things, the Spirit of God, who moves through all things, within and beyond one’s own religion and within and beyond the religions of all others.

  • 00:50 For in a universe of intelligent life, there are countless religions. So the Work of God transcends them.
  • 01:30 The true experience of God is beyond belief. Here it is necessary to see that God’s Plan is to save everyone and not just the chosen few. Not everyone can follow one teacher – and God knows this.
  • 02:20 God does what works, even if it seems incomprehensible to us down here below. Christianity is but one of the gates. Islam is but one of the gates. Judaism and Buddhism are other gates. These are the main gates.
  • 03:20 To understand God’s work in the world, you cannot condemn the other gates God has created. But you must understand they have all been changed by man through adoption, through misunderstanding and through corruption. Therefore, the pure Revelation will have to be found beyond one’s own set of ideas and assumptions about God and religion.
  • 04:35 Here you must be willing to go beyond your religious upbringing, if you have had one, to enter the mystery of your true relationship with God, which exists beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect, which exists beyond the realm and the reach of religious ideology. This is the difference between one who is true to their faith and one who only believes in and defends its principles or ideology.
  • 05:40 Beware then of the prison house of religious belief, from which the world looks dangerous and condemned. Living there will lead you to judgment, condemnation and violence towards others, violence either in your thought but also in your action.
  • 06:22 God is not seeking the chosen few. God’s Plan is to save everyone.
  • 07:10 Know that you must transcend your belief in order to have the direct experience, in order to step beyond the limits in the prison house of the mind.
  • 08:44 Your beliefs and assumptions can help you to see, but they cannot take you over the threshold. They can give you a structure and framework in order to develop, but they cannot take you the whole way. They cannot bridge the gap between you and God. They cannot restore to you your Ancient Memory of your life beyond this world. They cannot give you what only God can give you.
  • 10:07 No religion should be truly exclusive. For there are many ways up this mountain, and God is calling everyone to come, to come on whatever pathway exists for them given their culture, their time in life and their orientation.
  • 10:54 The violence, the cruelty and the oppression that has plagued religion throughout the ages is being demonstrated in the world today demonstrated by people who adhere only to their beliefs and ideas, and use these beliefs and ideas to oppress others. To somebody who is going to truly grow within their faith tradition, they must outgrow these things and become mature, or they will never know God.