How does God work in the world? What does this mean? What are some examples of this? God seeks to reclaim you unto yourself and to bring you back into your true relationship with life as it exists here and now in order to enable you to find your place in the world and to fulfill your specific role here. This restores your self-esteem. This also validates your authority, which you must exercise in order to approach a greater authority. You cannot simply give up your authority and try to yield to a Greater Power. This can never be effective.

If you are to represent the Divine, you must become a representative. You cannot come as a beggar. You cannot be passive. You cannot simply give yourself over. People try to do that because they are either too lazy or too unfocused to actually prepare for the role that they need to fulfill. They simply want God to do everything for them. This, of course, is impossible, for they must do most of the work. It is their efforts, their abilities and their accomplishments which they must experience, not God’s.

Giving up all of your authority—thinking you cannot make a decision about anything or anyone, denying your own perception and experience and giving everything over to God—looks like a wonderful freedom and a wonderful escape, but it is not the way that will restore to you your true ability and your true value. God does not need glorification. It is you who need validation in the world. God is not driven by the ego desires that motivate people to establish their own self-importance. Do not think that God thinks like you or God will seem terrible and contradictory, cruel or impotent.

The disappointment and confusion that people have about the Divine is based on the projection that the Divine is thinking about life and about them the way that they are thinking about life and about themselves. God functions at the level of Knowledge, which is a different kind of mind and intelligence from your personal mind. It is not conniving. It is not treacherous. It is not self-indulgent. It is not selfish. It does not use others for personal advantage. It is not competitive. It does not debate. It does not wonder. It is not confused. It does not need to make decisions. It acts because it knows. And between times of action, it is silent and present. It has absolute certainty and is infinitely patient.”

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