“Preparing for the Great Waves of Change”

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• Growing Economic Hardship and Political Instability
• Declining Energy and Natural Resources
• Climate Change and Catastrophic Weather
• Loss of Arable Land and Fresh Water
• Pandemic Disease
• Escalating Worldwide Conflict
• Extraterrestrial Intervention

“This is humanity’s greatest hour, greatest challenge, greatest danger and greatest opportunity for unity and cooperation, where the resources of humanity and the great talents of humanity come together to sustain civilization, to restore the world and to prepare for your future and your destiny within a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe.”

“The inner preparation is more important than the outer preparation.”

“If you can begin to prepare, you will gain confidence. If you do nothing, you will lose heart.”

“You first must build your ark. And you must build the ark before the rains come, before the great change is upon you.”

“The signs in the world are speaking to you—telling you that great change is coming, that it is at your doorstep.”

“Humanity has squandered its natural inheritance.”

“Everyone is living on a set of assumptions based upon a weak and fragile infrastructure.”

“You must prepare your children, for they will be living in a world of every greater change and difficulty.”

“The Great Waves of change will bring great clarity to your life, and they will show you both your weakness and your strength.”

“You will have to live very differently, and only Knowledge within you can guide you specifically in this matter.”

“Every week, every month and every year now is significant, for the Great Waves are moving relentlessly.”

“Your strength is in Knowledge, relationship and community.”

“Knowledge will protect you here, but it will protect you and save you for a greater purpose.”

“People base their whole lives on a set of unquestioned assumptions about the continuance of things that they recognize and are accustomed to.”

“While your mind, your intellect, does not know what will happen next, Knowledge within you is responding to the signs from the world and from the wisdom from God.”

“You must be free to respond to Knowledge and to move with Knowledge. No idea, no belief, no commitment to others and no other obligation should stand in the way of this.”

“You have no neutral relationships, for every one of them is either helping you or hindering you and holding you back.”

“Do not fall into the trap of the dichotomy between being loving versus being fearful. The objective here is to see clearly.”

“One person in your life can hold you back and alter the destiny and course of your life.”

“Here you are gaining strength and learning to become inner directed rather than merely being outer directed.”

“You have to find out within the context of the world why you are really here. What are your gifts? What does the world need from you specifically that you are equipped to provide?”

“It is a great challenge to be the one who is awakened while others are still sleeping and dreaming.”

“This time is so important to see what others cannot see, to feel what others will not feel and to do what others will not do.”

“How is your nation going to survive and function on half of the energy resources it is using now?”

“Your visionaries are discarded, ignored or vilified while everyone continues to devastate the world, to deplete its resources and to diminish its future possibilities.”

“This is the time for humanity to unite and to become strong. The incentive for this is immense.”

“The emphasis now must not be on the national security for one nation alone, but on security for the entire world.”

“Even if you have to make a thousand turns in your life, Knowledge will guide you to make the right turns.”

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