Chuẩn Bị cho Những Đợt Sóng Vĩ Đại của Đổi Thay

Preparing for the Great Waves of Change front coverPreparing for the Great Waves of Change is an upcoming new book to be released by The Society for the New Message. The remainder of the book will be available soon. We will send an announcement to you by email as soon as this book is released, and will update this book web page to include all chapters.

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Preparing for the Great Waves of Change is a book of Volume 2 of the New Message from God.

Table of Contents

Cách Sống
How Will You Know What to Do?
Facing an Uncertain and Difficult World
Escaping Fear, Confusion and Hopelessness
Đóng Con Tàu của Bạn
Adapting to Great Change
Những Dấu Hiệu từ Thế Giới
Seeing What is Coming