Your Most Primary Relationship: God

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In order to comprehend the true meaning and purpose of your relationships, you must begin with your most primary relationship of all. It is the one relationship that provides the greater context for all your other relationships at all levels. It is the one relationship that is your beginning and your final resting place. It is the one relationship that establishes your purpose for being in the world, the value of your growth and development and the direction and aim of all of your contributions in life. It is the relationship that is most essential to your well-being and your comprehension of yourself and the world. Yet it is the relationship to which you may give the least attention. It is the relationship that you may concern yourself with to the least degree. In fact, it may not be a relationship that you have thought of seriously at all.

This is your relationship with God. What is God? It could be said that God is the sum of all relationships. God is the consummation of all relationships. This is a valuable definition because it enables you to experience God as a living force and power in your life rather than an absolute principle or a great and lofty Being whose reality is entirely beyond your reach and life within the world.

The experience of God can be found within the context of each and every relationship—your relationship with yourself, your relationship with your physical body and your mind, your relationship with others, your relationship with nature and with other living things in the world, your relationship with the world itself and your relationship with the Greater Community of worlds in the Universe around you.

Passage from Your Most Primary Relationship, Chapter 1, Relationships and Higher Purpose. Embark on your most primary relationship and begin the journey of practicing Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowledge.

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