People Will Have Faith in Something

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People will have faith in something because to have faith is natural. If they do not have faith in God, they will have faith in something else that takes the place of God. They may have faith in their government. They may have faith in the economy. They may have faith in industry. They may have faith in themselves and their abilities. They may have faith in certain individuals. They may have faith in nature. But whatever it is, they will have faith.

The question then becomes what does one have faith in and what is the nature of that faith? Is it built upon real experience, or is it built upon ideas or philosophy? Is this faith well placed, and does it have real strength to it?

In face of the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world, which will challenge people’s faith in themselves, in their nation, in nature itself and in God, the question of faith becomes very important. The strength of this faith and where it is placed become very significant in terms of the individual’s ability not only to function, but to be creative, discerning and competent in the face of changing circumstances.

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