What is human destiny?

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Your destiny is to emerge into the Greater Community of Worlds. This is a process that will take several centuries overall, but the change within the scope of your life will be very rapid, and the challenge to human society will be immense. Let us speak on this, for this concerns you and your purpose for coming into the world.

Humanity will emerge into the Greater Community because it lives in the Greater Community. As human ascendancy has now become established on your planet, you will gain recognition in the Greater Community. You will become a force, not a great force, but a force nonetheless. You are now emerging out of your primitive cultures with great difficulty. You are seeking to associate with each other with great difficulty. Human history is like a shadow over the world, drawing people backwards, just like your personal history is a shadow over you, drawing you backwards.

Destiny is what keeps everything going. Destiny is what generates the motivation to create, to establish, to explore and to fulfill. There is a destiny for you, and there is a destiny for the world. Your destiny here is to find your purpose and to find your allies, those unique individuals who are here to help you fulfill that purpose. The world’s destiny is to emerge into the Greater Community. This is where it is heading. It is going in this direction no matter what human society is doing. It must go in this direction. This represents the next stage of human life in the world. It is inevitable and unalterable. That is why we speak of it in terms of destiny instead of in terms of human will and human determination.

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