Unseen Forces

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Unseen Forces in the UniverseServing all of manifest life in the universe, there are Unseen Forces. These Unseen Forces speak for what is good and necessary. They serve as a source of encouragement and reinforcement for those who are beginning to experience and recognize Knowledge, the great spiritual inheritance that the Creator of all life has imbued in all intelligent races.

The Presence of these Unseen Forces gathers where Knowledge is being experienced and expressed. They constitute the Angelic Presence that is assigned to each world, and it includes those who assist this Angelic Presence as well. Even in worlds where there is no religious tradition that are governed by strict dictatorial forms of government, even there, there is an Angelic Presence. Wherever intelligent life has originated or has migrated, you will find this Presence.

Those who have become close to Knowledge, who have taken the Steps to Knowledge, they will feel this Presence. This Presence can guide them and instruct them, warn them and prepare them. Yet because it is beyond the visible range and even beyond the realm of the mental environment, these Unseen Forces can exist without the awareness of those races they are meant to serve. Even those individuals who are developed and skilled in insight and clairvoyance, even they will not be able to discern, with any accuracy, the presence and the work of these Unseen Forces.

The Unseen Forces are called the Unseen Ones

In many places in the Greater Community, they are called the Unseen Ones. Their Presence indicates that God has a Plan. The Plan for the universe is to reclaim the separated through Knowledge and, through these individuals, to provide unique forms of contribution for the well-being and the advancement of their races. Here progress is made in terms of the realization of Knowledge, ending the separation between those who are in the physical universe and the Source of all life and, at the same time, providing meaningful and essential contribution to science, philosophy, literature, ethics and so forth.

Passage from Life in the UniverseChapter 11, Unseen Forces in the Universe. Join the Free School of the New Message and engage with Unseen Forces in the Greater Plan for humanity and this session “Preparing for the Greater Community”.

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