Your True Self and Greater Purpose

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Your True Self and Greater Purpose:

Let us know that we have been found wherever we may be, however cast adrift, however ensconced in our circumstances we may be. God knows the way to reach us, if we can be reached.

Let the words of the Revelation stay with you. Let them speak to your fear, your doubt, to your uncertainty and to the great errors that humanity has created in the past.

Let them comfort you and challenge you, for you are greater than you think.

May the new life be a reminder that you came here for a greater purpose and that purpose has not been lost but awaits the time when you begin the return.

May the Revelation speak to the minds and hearts who seek for that now and through them reach those who are less certain but who are seeking nonetheless.

May the words of Revelation and the Voice of Revelation remind us that we have come from a Greater Reality to which we will return and that God does not judge us or condemn us but calls us back to our native state and to our greater calling that has brought us here in the first place.

Allow our minds then to become the recipients. Allow our lives to be reshaped by Knowledge, which is the most natural force within us.

Let our natural evolution begin to accelerate as the time calls for us to be prepared.

May the new life be the life that we focus on today even though little may have seemed to have changed, for that is our way out of the jungle and the dark valleys where we have lived.

We are not alone, and the Presence of the Teachers is with us.

May that Presence bless us and others through us as we learn to receive and to give as is our natural state.

Nasi Novare Coram, which means the Presence of the Unseen Powers is with us at this moment.

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