The Meaning of Christmas is Greater

The Meaning of Christmas is Greater

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The Meaning of ChristmasThe Meaning of Christmas is Remembering a Greater Purpose

This is your Christmas now. It is not simply a commemorative holiday. It is not simply a remembrance of Jesus. It is not simply a remembrance of family and friends. It is not simply a time to give gifts and to be giving for a few days out of the year. Though it may include all of these things, the meaning of Christmas is greater. Let it be greater for you. Let it be a time, then, that you remember that you have a greater purpose in the world and that you have been sent into the world to reclaim this purpose—to accept it, to experience it and to follow it so that it may be contributed.

From the revelation The Meaning of Christmas


The Meaning of the Christ Mass

The Mass of Christ is a celebration of Divine relationship. Christ is the person united with the Divine. Christ is the individual united with the Unseen Ones, who are the Angelic Forces of the Divine. This is the meaning of the Mass of Christ—Christmas. It is not the glorification of an individual. It is the recognition of real relationship—the relationship of the person with Knowledge within themselves, their relationship and intrinsic bond to the Unseen Ones, their duty to humanity and their affinity with life. This is the celebration of relationship. This is the meaning of Christhood. This is the Mass of Christ.

From the revelation The Meaning of Christmas


The real story of Christmas

The Blessing of Christmas is the remembrance of a Greater Purpose

Let this be a time that you remember that your life is greater than simply being a person in the world who has basic needs. It is this greater part of you—this greater calling and this greater purpose—that gives meaning to all the lesser aspects of yourself and unites them harmoniously and fulfills their roles. Without this greater purpose, you would be fragmented, and the aspects of your personality and mind would not find a basis for integration or unity. Without this greater purpose, you will struggle with survival and with fulfillment, but without satisfaction—sensing, feeling and knowing that as time passes, your greater purpose and your greater calling are going unfulfilled and unanswered.

From the revelation The Meaning of Christmas


The Meaning of Christmas is the realization of a Greater Mission

This is Christmas for you. It does not happen only once a year, but it is a reminder that beyond all of your personal needs and immediate difficulties, you have a greater mission. And as in the life of Jesus, you must come to find this. You must feel it and allow it to emerge. You must recognize that alone you cannot fulfill it because it is not for you alone.

You will wander in the desert, you will experience the temptations of the world, and you will feel the conflict between this greater emerging part of yourself and your personal wishes, preferences and fears. For, like Jesus, you must allow this greater power and greater purpose to eclipse your life, to envelop your life and to reorganize and redirect your life. This is Christmas.

From the revelation The Meaning of Christmas” received by God’s New Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers.


Who Received this Message from God?

Marshall Vian Summers in London to Hear from God

Marshall Vian Summers

Marshall Vian Summers has given the last 40 years of his life to receiving and quietly teaching the New Message from God.

In 1982, a series of profound revelations were received by Marshall Vian Summers in the deserts of the American Southwest. Ever since, this revelation has continued, growing ever wider in scope.

Over the decades, a vast Revelation for humanity has unfolded, at times slowly and at times in great torrents. During many of these long years, he has had to proceed with the support of only a few individuals, not knowing what this growing Revelation would mean and where it would ultimately lead. Meet the Messenger…

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  1. lin Posted on November 9, 2018 at 8:45 pm

    “You may think of Jesus as either a man with a Divine purpose or as a Divine being with a human purpose. However you might think of Jesus, you think of him within the context of your world and within the context of human involvements and interaction. We are now challenging you to think of him as a figure in the Greater Community. He is not an extraterrestrial from outer space. He was a man who realized Knowledge and contributed Knowledge in his time and helped to set into motion, through the efforts of many other people, a greater emphasis in life and a means for re-experiencing this emphasis through a tradition of devotion, dedication and service.” Who is Jesus?

  2. Preet Srivastava Posted on December 11, 2019 at 9:03 pm

    I love what you have written.
    All for One, and One for All.

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