Why a New God?

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~ You need a new understanding of God now because the God of the ancients was a small God—a God of your world and of your time, a God of your cultures, a God of your peoples.

~ To understand humanity’s destiny and future within a Greater Community of life in the universe and to understand how to prepare for the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world. To understand and prepare you must have a new experience and understanding of the Divine.

~ Because humanity is leaving one stage of its development and entering another.

~ To see that you truly were created by God and sent into the world for a greater purpose and that you have a greater destiny in this world and beyond this world and a greater future within and beyond the boundaries of time.

This has come from the new God—new only to your understanding, for there is only one God and that God is neither new nor old, but has always been.

The above passages are from The New God. Join the Free School to explore your deeper relationship with God.

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