You Are Here on a Mission

You Are Here on a Mission

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The real love that moves you to give your life, that refocuses your life, that tells you that you are in error, that confronts you with the fact that your life has been misspent and you are trying to take it in a direction that is not its true direction, this is love—the love that keeps orienting you towards your greater purpose for coming into the world regardless of your plans and goals, the love that does not change, the love that does not adapt to your wishes. This is the love.

At times, it is confronting and challenging, and you feel that it is just too much. And at times, it is comforting and reassuring, and you welcome it and are so glad it exists and that it is true. This is the Great Love—the love of God that has been placed in you, in Knowledge within you, in the deeper mind within you.

This deeper mind is here on a mission. It is here for a purpose, for you have come into the world on a mission, for a purpose, to do specific things with specific people. Knowledge within you is trying to take you there, to aim you in the right direction so you can make your rendezvous with certain individuals and to find the circumstances and the environment where your greater purpose can emerge and can be activated.

While people are making elaborate plans and are reinforcing what they are doing and what they believe, Knowledge within them is trying to take them somewhere.

Let Knowledge take you where you need to be… Begin Steps to Knowledge and join the Free School as humanity stands  poised on the greatest threshold in our world.