Escaping the Past

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People think that life is a set of cycles like the past—economic cycles, life cycles—as if the past is simply reasserting itself, recreating itself over and over again like the perpetual continuance of the seasons, or the rising and falling of the sun. This past orientation prevents one from seeing clearly, prevents one from bringing common sense to a new set of questions, prevents one from recognizing that their lives are changing and that they have to make decisions now that are perhaps unlike anything they have ever had to do before.

Many people want to escape the past because of their failures and their disappointments. These things can haunt them and often do. But escaping the past has a far greater importance here. Its importance is related to your ability to see and know the truth in the moment and to respond to the changing circumstances of your life.

If you do not see these things and respond appropriately, change will have a devastating impact upon you. It will overtake you. You did not see it coming. You did not recognize the consequences. You did not see the importance of making a decision way back when you did have the opportunity to make the decision. So much regarding success and failure in life depends on the ability to see, to know and to respond appropriately, even facing decisions you are unaccustomed to, even facing circumstances you are not adapted to and are not used to.

From The Great Waves of Change, Chapter Three. Enter the future unburdened by the past.

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  1. Michael D. Howard Posted on January 31, 2013 at 12:25 pm

    Your post bears much truth, however we must not fall into the trap of throwing the baby (past events) out with the bath water.

    The past events can give us a perspective that allows us to learn from our mistakes but not be encumbered/tied or bound by them. Also the past can help us gage impact of global events such as war; famine; earthquakes; weather/climate change, as a yard stick or barometer for gauging what we may or may not do that will work.

    Point in question is are the current global events so significant, as the Allies contend, that the “Greater Community” will come now for a face to face to offer a rescue plan and hence enslave us. Here past events are signifcant from the vantge point I veiw them as follows:

    1) Society was already effected by them as I read history and socalled folk lure. So our course was already highjacked. I believe the hybrid & other joint alien and world government alliances are already in play.
    2) We should use what has happened on our planet so far as weather, war, famine and so on as a guage to the necessity of accepting the “Greater Communities” so called pretext of their offering assistance.

    History from 1905 forward, is important in this context. Why? because a reading of past events shows our current circumstance is minor (not unimportant) in comparsion. The frequency, scope and severity of past events was greater than current events. Hence the knowledge and use of past events would allow humanity to say we have weathered the storm in the past and hence we would not fall into the trap. We could apply that old adage beaware of “Beware of a Greek bearing false Gifts”

    • Society Posted on February 2, 2013 at 2:21 pm

      Dear Michael,

      Your comment has been posted on the New Message Forum here and has already generated some discussion.

      Thank you for your input on this important topic.

      The Society

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