“The New Message will make its way into the world on the backs of the real People of the New Message. The People of the New Message may or may not be recognized in their own time, but they will be revered into the future because of what they gave and what they endured.” – Patricia Summers

Person of the new message

The People of the New Message

The People of the New Message are a vital link in the transmission of God’s New Message into the world. They are pioneers and way-showers in a world facing its greatest evolutionary threshold ever: the end of isolation in the Universe, emergence into the Greater Community of worlds and the task of sustaining human civilization in a world of increasing economic upheaval and ecological decline.

It is The People who will take the Message beyond the Messenger, his family and small community. They will take the Message beyond the lifetime of the Messenger and keep it alive down through generations so that its deepest gift can flower and then bear fruit, forever affecting the course of human history and spiritual emergence.

A Person of the New Message is Someone Who:

  1. Studies the New Message daily
  2. Shares the New Message with others
  3. Supports financially The Society for the New Message from God (a non-profit organization charged with preserving and protecting the New Message and making it available to all people.)
  4. Honors a deep relationship with the Messenger and the Worldwide Community of the New Message

To Become a Person of the New Message:

  1. First, listen or read the revelation: Being a Person of the New Message
  2. Please call or email The Society (society@greatercommunity.org 800-938-3891) to share with The Society your personal experience of the Message and the Messenger. This is an important step in your confirmation as a person of the New Message. This is also an opportunity to ask The Society any questions you may have regarding being a Person of the New Message.  The Society would love to hear from you and answer any questions that you may have.
  3. The last step is to state your commitment to be a Person of the New Message by signing and sending us the Statement of Commitment. This document is part of a larger process of inner recognition and confirmation and is a statement of your sense of purpose at this time.

Meet the People of the New Message

The People of the New Message are from all parts of the globe and speak many different languages. Currently, our community resides in over 90 countries from Argentina to Zambia. We are a diverse group and come from all walks of life, faith traditions and socio-economic backgrounds. Our community reflects the sacred mandate that the New Message from God be brought to ALL the peoples of Earth. What we all have in common is our practiceshow we live and our common faith.

Listen to People of the New Message: