In The Greater Community, God reveals the physical and spiritual reality of intelligent life in the universe. Known beyond our world as the Greater Community, this universe of life is the greater environment in which we have always lived, but have never been able to discern or understand on our own.

God is revealing to humanity that it is our destiny to emerge into this Greater Community of life. This is the greatest turning point in human history, one which will have great consequence for all people, both now and in the future. This in part is why God has spoken again – to alert and to prepare all the human family.

Many people around the world, in all nations and cultures, experience a natural and innate connection with this greater panorama of life in the universe, but have not been able to gain any clear understanding of what this means for them and for the world. Now a Revelation has come to illuminate your connection to the Greater Community, to allow you to explore what this means and how this relates to your purpose for being in the world at this time.

God is now warning humanity that its isolation in the universe is over and that our emergence into the Greater Community has begun. Certain forces are intervening in our world, threatening the future and freedom of humanity. Yet we are unaware and unprepared for what is now occurring in our world and what this will mean for our future.

Through the New Message, God is providing a preparation for our encounter with forces from the Greater Community and the essential things we need to know now as we stand at the threshold of space.

The revelations presented here have been compiled into this book by the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers. Further revelation and prophecy concerning the Greater Community is presented in the book Life in the Universe and in many other texts throughout the New Message.

The Greater Community is the sixth book of Volume 1 of The New Message from God.

More about the volumes of the New Message from God

The New Message from God will ultimately be contained in six individual volumes. Each volume contains two or more books and each book is organized into chapters.

Therefore, the future structure of the New Message from God could be expressed in this way:

The New Message One Book

The New Message One Book

Volume > Book > Chapter > Verse.

The New Message from God contains the largest body of Revelation ever given to the world. It addresses nearly every aspect of our lives, while presenting new realities never revealed before. The Society is endeavoring to make as much of the New Message books and spoken revelations available and accessible to the world.

Currently, The Society is able to offer a large number of the original recordings of the Voice of Revelation. Here you are invited to experience the power and the mystery of the “Voice” as it originally spoke through the Messenger in a state of Revelation. Never before has it been possible to hear the original Voice of Revelation.

The compilation of the entire New Message is a work in progress being undertaken over an extended period. In addition, the Revelation continues to this day with new teachings being given every year. As a result, the selection of teachings in each book may likely change. With this, the title of the books may change as well to reflect the growth of each book. You are living at a time of Revelation and witnessing the process of Revelation unfolding before you.

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Table of Contents

The Greater Community will be available online and in print in 2017 at New Knowledge Library. Prior to release, several chapters of The Greater Community are being made available to the world.

Entering the Greater Community

Preparing for the Greater Community

The Importance of the Greater Community

Who Are the Allies of Humanity?