The New Message offers free ebooks and audio downloads to people around the world.


For people who lack the funds, we currently offer two free ebooks of your choice per year. 

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Audio Downloads

All audio downloads of revelations are available free with the accompanying texts here on the New Message website.

The audio can also be found on the following platforms and are updated as new teachings are released: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Play.

Books for People in the Criminal Justice System

We donate complete collections of the New Message Library to correctional facilities across the United States. 

We offer people in these facilities the opportunity to study Steps to Knowledge and the other books of the New Message. 

A message from D.H. in a Texas correctional facility:

“I read Wisdom Volume I & Volume II, Allies of Humanity I & II. I’m now reading them again and will most likely reread them many times. See, I have 24/7 that all I have to do is study and read. I’m carrying on alone. Well, not alone cause I do have you all and the unseen ones, and most of all I have Knowledge within. Oh, yes, some of the Steps to Knowledge seem to be confusing, but when I get to the review and read over it again, it seems to come to light…I talk to God just like I would talk to a friend. Actually I get quite frank with God at times cause I want to know.”

“I’ve just finished with Step 71 “I am here to serve a Greater Purpose.” Practicing where I’m at is tough because of all the people and noise, but I’m doing the best I can. I know that I will succeed if I just keep going and I know I have a purpose to serve a Greater Purpose.”

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